Wednesday, April 7, 2010


IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I POSTED ANYTHING! But I have been both busy and unmotivated. Some things that are currently happening/have happened:
1) Today it is SO nice out. A heat wave has reached Philly and we currently have July weather in April!

2) In the last week I have become extremely motivated about doing schoolwork. I realized just how much I've been slacking off this semester (in everything but my film classes) and I just hate to not be as much of a success as I can be, so I wrote a paper 1 week before it is due, have been actually doing my readings, and have been editing movies non-stop.

3) Today I am interviewing 2 more rabbis (orthodox and conservative, yesterday it was reform and I loved him) for my religion final. It is due tomorrow. I am going to die editing it.

4) Friday went to MAJOR LAZER and PONNED DA FLOOR! So much fun. I was almost killed on my bicycle twice though that night. The first being my own fault (falling over while being completely stopped at a red light) and the other time was when a car threw a waterbottle at me. They missed by about 2 feet but they were trying to hit me and they could have really hurt me. Adam hit their car with his bike lock as revenge! Anyway, danced a whole lot at the show but kept getting separated from my homies. Caitlin bit my head and lost her phone.

5) I've been on a 16 and Pregnant binge. Such a good show.

6) I met Adam's family on Sunday for Easter! I had never been to a Catholic mass before and I have to say it was rather fun! I mean, I don't believe a word that comes out of the priest's mouth, but I enjoyed the symbolism of everything and the church decorations and especially the little girl behind me who wore pearls and told me she liked my dress. ADORABLE. After mass we had lunch at his aunt's house. Most of his family is very religious and conservative. It was weird seeing him being around them since he is so different. I LOVE HIS MOM. She gave me Easter candy and was adorable and so nice. She took these really awkward prom photos of us (see below) and then tagged me on Facebook and wrote the most embarrassing comment under it. Adam and I had quite a laugh about it because we felt so awkward.

Now I am making cheesy rice and preparing for my next class! After tonight, I will be free! I mean, I'll still have HW but not these hideous levels that make me want to end my life.

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