Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friends who 'dye' together, die together!'

What a lovely last few days I have had! I had a short work week and was able to act as director of photography for a few interviews that we filmed at work.

Friday night Tessa, Caroline, and I had dinner with LaBabs at Blockheads and spontaneously dyed blonde and blue streaks in our hair. We look like punks now. Then we went to Barbara's 'goodbye' party and met some cool cats.

Saturday we went to Long Beach and then chilled at Yana's apartment with Malik, who looks more like a male model everyday, and a few other people.

Today I went with Tessa, Caroline, Madeline, Ava, and Anna to a free Black Lips concert in Williamsburg. It was practically a LaGuardia reunion and was SO good. Some friends went crowd surfing. I totally would have joined them, but I was wearing a skirt :(

It was another weekend of friendship and lovely activities. Not to mention, I've been watching SATC on DVD over the last few days and I am almost done with the entire series. I'm definitely a Samantha.

Monday, July 20, 2009

What I Miss About Temple

The trips to New Hope and American fire!

The political awareness.

The hallway parties.

The Philly landmarks/pride.

The Arrested Development drinking games.

The abundent attacks on Malcolm's neck.

The shameless lack of sobriety.

The enthusiastic school pride.

The impromptu dress up/dance parties that ultimately end in grape flavored cigar smoking.

The porch parties.

My cozy bed.

The colorful characters you meet when you go out.

The baby throwing.

The concert going and JEN/AUDREY in fetus form!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The last 2 days have been so much fun. On Friday night I went to a loft party hosted by a high school friend. It was a bit awkward at first being surrounded by so many familiar faces whom I never talk to anymore, but once I got some silver bullet in me (Coors), I warmed up to everyone. You know when you go to a high school party and there are people there that you go to school with but you never talk to even though you have class together and you guys both know who each other are yet you still don't ever acknowledge the other's presence? Well, this high school reunion party was awesome because all the people that you used to do THAT with no longer act awkward or stupid and you can have legitimate and interesting conversations with them. The highlights of the evening were:
(1) the entire party getting up and dancing to Le Tigre's Deceptacon
(2) discussing the differences between a good and bad lap dance with my new friend Paris (a boy)

Saturday we had a yard sale. We made over $300, which I split 50/50 with my brother. Ugh, and tI had to deal with SUCH AN ASSHOLE! I live on a steep hill, and we were eating lunch when I see this fat guy (possibly Armenian or Indian?) panting up my driveway with one of our yard sale signs. This is the conversation that ensued...
Me: Um, me. (My mom wasn't around.)
Me: Ohhhhh I'M SOOOORRRYY, I guess I didn't realize. (Being super sarcastic and overly nice)
Me: Oh I hear you loud and clear. It will NEVER happen again. But as for you, you're currently trespassing on my property and I would like you to leave. Have a nice day.

And then as he left I yelled to my mom, "HEY, WE GOT IN TROUBLE!" And he turned around and was all "WHAT!?" And I was all "NO SIR, I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY!" And then he huffed his fat ass down the hill back to his ugly ass house. Meanwhile, you should know that this sign was on a telephone pole in front of his house. On the side walk. I would have apologized sincerely if he had been nicer about it, but he was being such a DICK so I was a dick right back to him.

As a reward for the day's hard work as salesman/bouncer, me, Courtney, and my mom got mani/pedis. Also, at the yard sale, I rescued a variety of great silk fabrics my mom was trying to give away. I'm making a series of skirts/dresses with them. Then we cooked an elaborate steak/chicken/cat dinner for my French family. At dinner, we discussed condoms and styrofoam/glass sex toys.

In this photo you can see one of the fabrics and my blue manicure.

I'm so excited for Tuesday because I'm going with Quinn, Tessa, Tessa's dad, and Alyssa to a Mighty Boosh signing and then secret show at The Bowery! If you do not know The Mighty Boosh, then here are a variety of links I reccomend you watch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Week of Friendship!

This week has been a rather leisurely week so far, seeing as how my boss is in DC for something called a "LifeSpring bootcamp" and I've been free to work from home/not work at all. However, when I do work, I read various terrible film/TV scripts and have to give my boss a review of it so she can email the people who wrote it a nicer version of the review I originally gave her. So far the only script I have really liked so far is called 'The Gatekeeper'. I feel nerdy for liking it cause it's totally a fantasy genre film with characters who have names like Nespar and Melfet.

On Saturday I went to Norwalk to visit my dear friend Matt. We went to a Revolutionary War reenactment of the burning of Norwalk (Norwalk ended up being a little wooden hut that was symbolic of the entire city burning). Frankly, I don't know why they celebrate/reenact that particular battle because the British totally kicked our American asses in that one. We also went to the Maritime Aquarium, which was built solely for infants, but we got to touch sting rays and coo over the adorable-ness of Susie the slumbering cataract-ed sea lion. We also visited some weird cement art circle and Matt's cats. I'm pretty sure Matt is actually a woman because his cats are ridiculously feminine and high maintenance.

On Sunday I met up with Annie, my future roommate, and walked the paths of Central Park/enjoyed some lovely bagpipe music from the Bastille Day celebration on 5th avenue. We then went to Urban Outfitters and looked at possible items to decorate our dorm rooms with this year. I particularly fell in love with large 3D letters that I could possibly hang on our door, flasks (possibly the one that says 'slut' or 'holy water' or other distasteful things), and a mug that was covered in mustaches. I tried googling "mustache mug" and actually discovered something better than a mug decorated WITH mustaches but a mug specifically designed FOR mustaches!

On Monday I went with Maya and Caroline to 'The Highline', which a newly opened park built above downtown Manhattan (approx. 6 blocks long) that was formerly train track. It was rather beautiful. We sunbathed and later bought red wine sorbet and ate it on the steps of Union Square while we watched tourists take pictures with New York's finest. I then went to my grandma's loft, which is now all packed up and sparse and rather sad, and had Indian food with my visiting French family atop the boxes and bins. I love my French family. My aunt gave me 2 hand me down dresses from gay Paris and during dinner we all talked about the merits of advertising products on condoms. Tomorrow I help them move into the Harlem house, which will be particularly entertaining. I cannot wait for Temple friends to visit and have sleepovers there.

Yesterday I went to the Harry Potter premiere at Kips Bay with Maya, Tessa, Caroline, and Mercedes. We arrived at the theatre at 8:15PM (3 hours and 45 minutes early) and were one of the first people in line. It was AWESOME. We acted as line police for line cutters, played BS and spoons w/ cards, drew Harry Potter tattoos on each other, stole a traffic cone, played would you rather (subsequently started a discussion wi
th the people next to us on whether they would rather (1) never have orgasms ever OR (2) perpetually have orgasms all the time), listened to Harry and the Potters on my iPhone speakers, annoyed the news crews who came to film us by making ugly faces at the camera etc.) Also, someone was smoking weed in the movie theater before Harry Potter started (LOSER). It has been a rather fabulous week so far.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Matt & Kim

Ahhhhh, yesterday was so much fun! Tessa, Caroline, Maya and I went to Pier 54 to see a free Matt & Kim Concert. Hell Fucking Yes. Their opening bands were Team Robespierre and Flosstradomus and Matt & Kim played every song I wanted them to. It was SO crowded and because it was free, there were quite a few homeless people there. But the air smelled of marijuana and funnel cake and the sun set just over the pier while we there. It was truly magical. I was so going to crowd surf, I SWEAR. But the reason I didn't was actally because of the large crowd. Not everyone was as into the music and dancing and yelling the lyrics as us so I couldn't get REALLY into it enough to hurdle my body across those lackluster fans. Some highlights from the show, other than the amazing music, were:
1) seeing 12 year olds smoking
2) counting the number of ironic hipster 'staches were grazing the lips of those surrounding us
3) basically having a high school reunion (Marie, Juliet, Julie, Catie, James, Nina, David, Camille, Cambridge etc.) because so many people from LaG were there
4) The following quotes:
Flosstradomus: My name is Josh and his name is Kevin!
Me: JK!
Maya: I hooked up with a guy named JK.
Me: JK Rowling!?
Maya:.......YES Keiran, I hooked up with JK Rowling!
Guy in White Shirt Next to Us: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maya: Oh man, I saw this really hot businessman on the subway today and he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, so I totally had a chance.
Tessa: Well if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!

(When discussing the pros and cons of flying/training to Canada)
Maya: Well I'm a firm believer time is wasted when waiting around so I vote we fly.
Me: Well I'm a firm believer that time isn't wasted when you're getting let's just get really drunk on the train.

5) Discussions about the Jesus Freak man who decapitated a guy on a Canadian bus
6) Seeing a homeless guy take a shit in a trash can (terrible, but everyone should experience it at least once)

These are 2 of my favorite Matt & Kim songs:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cape Cod

Ah, McCann summers on Cape Cod.  They are particularly dull, yet extremely pleasant.  The house we stay on is my grandmother's and it's musty due to the salty air.  She stopped smoking recently so the house also has a faint nicotine scent/tint to its walls.  Besides being slightly yellow, the walls are covered in photographs of my cousins, uncles, aunts, and of course...younger versions of me and Quinn.  There is one of me w/ a little bob on Easter circa 1993 and another of Quinn and I by some bridge looking rather excited to be near a bridge etc.  There is also a portrait of a basset hound named Daisy, a deceased family pet, hanging on another wall.  It's my favorite thing about the house.  That and it's bumble bee theme.  You see, many houses on Cape Cod have little plaques over their garages that have clever little names like "The Sand Dollar" or "The Barn-acle" over a barnhouse door.  My grandma's garage is called "The Bee's Nest" after my deceased uncle Bruce B. (Bee) McCann.  So she has bumble bee coasters, candles, incense, bird houses, cutlery, plates, curtains, stationary etc.  The rest of the decor, when not bumble bee themed is covered in classic Cape Cod sailboats or lighthouses.  It's tacky but pleasantly familiar.  

My grandma is quite a character, and I appreciate her for that.  In her heyday she was an active tomboy who often played tennis and baseball.  In fact, when other grandmas may enjoy watching a soap opera or The Brady Brunch, my grandma can be found watching a football game rooting loudly with "her gums flapping" (as my dad always says cause she has no teeth) and sipping on some scotch.  While other grandmas may dress in floral dresses or pleasant little pant suits, mine wears New England patriot jerseys and no bra.  My grandma is also a total Irish stereotype in that she is a drunkity drunk drunk.  She starts at 10AM with a bloody mary and then continues throughout the day with whiskey and waters or gin and tonics.  And she isn't even classy about it!  She buys plastic bottles like us college students and drinks them out of little plastic cups with cacti and cats painted on.  She also complains about everything and when we offer a solution to the problem she ignores it.  She's also a bit racist.  She calls Asians orientals and likes to talk about how our family fought on the confederate side during the Civil War.  She has had a variety of pets in her day, mostly Yorkies that smell terrible and Persians that look terrible.  But overall she is a funny lady and I love her despite her many discrepancies.   
Another lovely thing about the Cape Cod house is that it is right down the road from all the greatest things you can think of.  There is a classic general store that sells penny candy and seashells and mood rings.  A little farther down that road is my cousin Conner's house, who is a bit of an ass as far as cousins go but still nice.  Even farther down the road is Four Seas ice cream, which is delicious and 75 years old and a family tradition.  My dad's high school math teacher started the ice cream shop 75 years ago and we still go to it now.  And even FURTHER down the road is THE BEACH which is my favorite place in the world in the summer time.  We go to this private section of beach called Craigville where you pretty much have to inherit the membership.  But it is SO lovely and I cannot imagine a summer without Cragiville beach or drunk granny or Daisy the basset hound staring soulfully from the salty wall or a smelly Yorkie licking my toes in my sleep.  It's what my summers are all about.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Most of my friends are out partying for 4th of July. Instead i'm on Cape Cod watching the X-Files and googling ugly tattoos. Here are some of my favorites.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today was such a guy day. I chilled with my friend Simon and watched Battle Royale, which is a Japanese horror/action movie where a bunch of kids are put on an island and forced to kill each other...multiple love stories ensue. Then we teased his cat Clyde, who is loud and looks remarkably similar to him. We also played an anime video game called Blazblue that had weird busty characters of cats and sperm-y eye balls and sword weilding spider women. I totally beat him a few times.

I also realized that today is a day of Royales. I work in a building called the Park Royale, I watched the movie Battle Royale, and now I'm watching the movie Casino Royale. I am now royalty.

I leave Cape Cod tomorrow. Centerville, MA to be exact. If anyone is in the neighborhood, hit me up!