Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friends who 'dye' together, die together!'

What a lovely last few days I have had! I had a short work week and was able to act as director of photography for a few interviews that we filmed at work.

Friday night Tessa, Caroline, and I had dinner with LaBabs at Blockheads and spontaneously dyed blonde and blue streaks in our hair. We look like punks now. Then we went to Barbara's 'goodbye' party and met some cool cats.

Saturday we went to Long Beach and then chilled at Yana's apartment with Malik, who looks more like a male model everyday, and a few other people.

Today I went with Tessa, Caroline, Madeline, Ava, and Anna to a free Black Lips concert in Williamsburg. It was practically a LaGuardia reunion and was SO good. Some friends went crowd surfing. I totally would have joined them, but I was wearing a skirt :(

It was another weekend of friendship and lovely activities. Not to mention, I've been watching SATC on DVD over the last few days and I am almost done with the entire series. I'm definitely a Samantha.


Jen (and Audrey, too!) said...

Keiran is
A punk rocker
Keeiirran is
A punk rocker
Keiran is
A punk rocker
(sing to the tune of "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" by the Ramones)

That's all.

Oh wait, and I miss you.

jumpseat monalisa said...

you can git super 8 on the intranet! let's make movies all next semester! and i love your blue hair new hair! and in response to your text message yesterday: we're going to head out on sunday around 9 or ten. hitting the road early! let me know if you're cool wiff dat!