Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Week of Friendship!

This week has been a rather leisurely week so far, seeing as how my boss is in DC for something called a "LifeSpring bootcamp" and I've been free to work from home/not work at all. However, when I do work, I read various terrible film/TV scripts and have to give my boss a review of it so she can email the people who wrote it a nicer version of the review I originally gave her. So far the only script I have really liked so far is called 'The Gatekeeper'. I feel nerdy for liking it cause it's totally a fantasy genre film with characters who have names like Nespar and Melfet.

On Saturday I went to Norwalk to visit my dear friend Matt. We went to a Revolutionary War reenactment of the burning of Norwalk (Norwalk ended up being a little wooden hut that was symbolic of the entire city burning). Frankly, I don't know why they celebrate/reenact that particular battle because the British totally kicked our American asses in that one. We also went to the Maritime Aquarium, which was built solely for infants, but we got to touch sting rays and coo over the adorable-ness of Susie the slumbering cataract-ed sea lion. We also visited some weird cement art circle and Matt's cats. I'm pretty sure Matt is actually a woman because his cats are ridiculously feminine and high maintenance.

On Sunday I met up with Annie, my future roommate, and walked the paths of Central Park/enjoyed some lovely bagpipe music from the Bastille Day celebration on 5th avenue. We then went to Urban Outfitters and looked at possible items to decorate our dorm rooms with this year. I particularly fell in love with large 3D letters that I could possibly hang on our door, flasks (possibly the one that says 'slut' or 'holy water' or other distasteful things), and a mug that was covered in mustaches. I tried googling "mustache mug" and actually discovered something better than a mug decorated WITH mustaches but a mug specifically designed FOR mustaches!

On Monday I went with Maya and Caroline to 'The Highline', which a newly opened park built above downtown Manhattan (approx. 6 blocks long) that was formerly train track. It was rather beautiful. We sunbathed and later bought red wine sorbet and ate it on the steps of Union Square while we watched tourists take pictures with New York's finest. I then went to my grandma's loft, which is now all packed up and sparse and rather sad, and had Indian food with my visiting French family atop the boxes and bins. I love my French family. My aunt gave me 2 hand me down dresses from gay Paris and during dinner we all talked about the merits of advertising products on condoms. Tomorrow I help them move into the Harlem house, which will be particularly entertaining. I cannot wait for Temple friends to visit and have sleepovers there.

Yesterday I went to the Harry Potter premiere at Kips Bay with Maya, Tessa, Caroline, and Mercedes. We arrived at the theatre at 8:15PM (3 hours and 45 minutes early) and were one of the first people in line. It was AWESOME. We acted as line police for line cutters, played BS and spoons w/ cards, drew Harry Potter tattoos on each other, stole a traffic cone, played would you rather (subsequently started a discussion wi
th the people next to us on whether they would rather (1) never have orgasms ever OR (2) perpetually have orgasms all the time), listened to Harry and the Potters on my iPhone speakers, annoyed the news crews who came to film us by making ugly faces at the camera etc.) Also, someone was smoking weed in the movie theater before Harry Potter started (LOSER). It has been a rather fabulous week so far.


Mattbarry said...

your life sound fantastic. utterly fantastic.
what is your job?
harry potter merriment is always the best.

Keiran McCann said...

Matthew Barry!
I am now following your blog!
I am interning at a website that is a combination film/script competition and social networking site ( Did you dress up for the premier?

Christine Fisher said...

this sounds like so much fun! and your job sounds really cool/perfect for you. i can't wait to visit your Harlem apartment!
also i'm so bummed matt & kim canceled in philly. hopefully they'll be back soon