Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer in the City: Part 2

Summer in the city is CRAZY.
I applied for a job at URBN but I have yet to hear back from them :/

I babysat for an OCD/anorezix wealthy NYC 8 year old. SO ANNOYING and disturbed AND her parents actually forced me out of their apartment without paying me. Apparently it was an accident but they didn't respond to my texts for 3 days about payment. They owe me about $60, which isn't a lot but I earned it and I want it.

My cousin Come (there is usually a circumflex on the O so it is pronounced more like COMB) is visiting from France so I have been playing NYC tour guide the last few days. I've walked miles is terrible shoes. My feet are destroyed. We have visited SoHo, the High Line, Central Park, Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty etc. I took him to Ricky's, one of my favorite NYC stores, so he could buy his girlfriend American souvenirs and he requested that we only eat at diners because there is no such thing as a good hamburger in Paris (did you know that Parisian supermarkets also do not sell root-beer and Oreos? Every time he visits we buy them in excess).

Last night I went to dinner with my grandma up in Harlem. We ate at a Sengalese restaurant and I ordered Mafe. SO GOOD! It was rice, potatoes, carrots, and lamb in a spicy peanut sauce. We got this amazing ginger juice too. Homemade in the store, so sweet going down w/ a spicy aftertaste. Amazing.

Tomorrow we are hosting a barbecue in NJ for friends and family to attend. Adam is coming for a visit and I am SO EXCITED TO SEE HIM! I go back to Philly for 1 day on Tuesday and I am looking for friends to hang! I'm seeing Fiddler on the Roof that night with Adam's pep-pep and mom.

All of my friends are still away in Montreal but it hasn't been awful since I have kept myself very busy. I haven't seen Mercedes in forever either, even though she is in the city. I did get to hang out with Layla and her friend Lindsay though. We got smoothies and sat on a pier by the Hudson river where we had a view of some pre-memorial day fireworks and the apartment complex where Jay-Z and Beyonce live. Turns out Layla's friend Lindsay knows Liz Pride! It was awesome because usually when I tell people I go to Temple the conversation goes like this:

me: I go to Temple University.
person: Oh! DO you know SO AND SO?!
me. No. Temple is a REALLY big school.

I've actually had this conversation a million times so it was a shock when I actually knew the person they were talking about AND they are a good friend of mine.

Now I am on my way back to NJ so I can see SATC2 with my mom.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer in the City: Part 1

My my, summer in the city. Some things that have occurred as of lately:
1) Harlem Happy Hour in my grandma's zen garden with Tessa and Caroline. The margaritas were delicious. A game of never have I ever was played, which was even more fun because we already pretty much know everything about each other. It was really easy to target people with things like, "Never have I ever done anything sexual in a public place" or "Never have I ever kissed someone shorter than me" etc. Regardless, I was usually the person to lose the game.

2) Went to a The Static Jacks concert. They are personal friends of Caroline and the show was really good. The band is really up and coming.

3) Caroline's birthday party. Drank champagne on her roof and giggled a lot.

4) Visited Adam in Philly for 3 days. It was real low key and fun. Went to a Phillies game. (I <3 Jayson Werth).

5) Went to get delicious cookies with Layla at our old favorite middle school cafe. The cookies are a specialty of the place. They are called Allisons and they are double chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips sprinkled on top and white chocolate chips baked in, covered in whipped cream and then put in the microwave so it becomes this deliciously soggy chocolate mess. SO GOOD.

6) Officially moved into my room in Harlem. It's small and I have to share the space with my grandma's art supplies. But I don't mind. It's kind of homey. My grandma is a sculptor and has done a series of busts of herself and my mom. They're pretty cool because they immortalize my mom at 14 and my grandma at various younger ages. They are cast in Bronze and are from the chest up. She has always wanted to cast a bust of me but has never had the time, but now that I'm living with her this summer she is hoping to immortalize me at 20 (half nude!) with a bust sculpture.

7) Opened my a bank account with Bank of America and started my first savings account (hope to be a property owner by 30).

8) Applied to every job I could find on Craigslist (but have yet to hear back from any of them). Looks like I might end up being a hardcore babysitter/part-time nanny or a dog walker this summer. But I actually don't mind that because the pay is good and tax-free and my schedule is more flexible this way. I mean, I haven't got any gigs yet, but if I continue to market myself I am sure I will get one.

I ALREADY MISS PHILLY SO MUCH! My friends are going to Montreal in 2 days and I will actually have nothing to do for a whole week! I might spend those restless days doing stuff for my mom or sewing some dresses. Maybe I'll take up oil painting again.

THE SUMMER IS YOUNG AND SO AM I! (Oh and my laptop is still broken so I'm using my bro's stupid PC.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back @ Home

Some things that I like about being at home:
1) My NJ home is super adorable and funny looking

2) my mom pays for me to get my hair cut (approx. 3 inches of dead hair chopped off!)

3) I have adorable kitties that like to walk in and out my room to say hello

4) I can light candles and incense in my rooms and not have to worry about dorm smoke alarms going off

5) I have my own room in general

6) most food and transportation costs are paid for by the parents (THANKS!)

7) I get to hang with my BFFs

Some things I don't like about being at home:
1) the fact that I have 3 homes to split all my clothes and possessions in

2) having to constantly check in with my parents

3) being away from Philly friends

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brain Matters

I've been studying pretty much non stop the last 3 days for my Brain Matters exam. All I can think about right now is Basal Ganglia and auditory cochlea. Oh dear. The exam is tomorrow at 10:30am. I find that wearing lipstick while studying helps me retain information better.

Monday, May 3, 2010

End of the Year already?

WTF? How is it the end of sophomore year already? I guess I am technically a Junior now. Holy balls! I'm not ready for it to end. Every year gets better and better. I am excited to go back to the city and start making money and doing all the fun city things that I enjoy. But I am sad to leave some of my best friends in Philly. Of course, I'll be visiting pretty much every week this summer. But still, my heart yearns for superpower capabilities that would either allow me to be in two places at once or allow for teleportation.

Besides my listlessness and mixed feelings about the end of the year, I have been having a rather lovely last few days. I learned how to paint leopard print nails:
I went to a Kentucky Derby party at Mary's house and got to play with her new puppy Sadie. I worked my first real non-internship job ever and became extremely sunburned as the result. I'm not sure of swan peddle boat management is for me :/

And it was Adam's birthday weekend so I made him a mix-tape of various favorites of mine and then drew Swedish Fish cover art for it.

It was a good weekend.

I only have one more left in Philly :(