Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Current Goings Ons part 2

Attempts to make my blog private because the only people I really want to see it are my close friends, who are the reason I made the blog in the first place. I know it seems stupid to have a blog on the internet where everyone can pretty much see it, but when I made it I was under the impression that only a handful of people really cared to know about my ramblings and I have recently discovered that there are some creepers out there in the world (i.e. Tim Kesilewski).

My day:
-professor/class really liked my videography project, which always surprises me
-handed in a 5 page paper/received a B on my first paper of the semester (not bad)
-ate an amazing salad
-took a nap and had a crazy dream in which I had a stroke (basically I couldn't breathe or talk and my facial muscles started drooping and I collapsed to the floor). Woke up gasping for air.
-Possible dream analysis for this is:
1. my mom was sick last year with symptoms similar to this though she was never really diagnosed and although she has been better for almost a year now the other day she said she experience the same symptoms again :/
2. the most disturbing part of the dream was my physical inability to talk, which I believes stems from my recent experiences. This being that I feel like a lot of good things have been happening to me lately but some of my friends seem to not be getting their way. I feel guilty for being happy and I feel like discussing certain daily goings-on in my life might seem callous or mean. I just don't want to be insensitive to the feelings of others, but I would still like to share my good stories with them. Does that make sense? Is that wrong?
-studied for my psych test (ugh)
-attempted to create prohibition hair/put on a sequined dress
-discussed the current apartment dynamic of 203-E w/ Annie
-had an interesting AIM discussion with my ex-baby-bf Jesse Baskin (weird)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am just SO READY to move out of my parent's house and never return.
I love them, but I can't live with them. Anymore.

1. Living in Philly would be awesome and I would be with my friends.
2. I could live in an area other than North Philly and see how I like it.
3. My mom seems to be okay with this idea, I just need to figure out the $$$ situation.
4. If I get a house with "The Great Place" girls and the lease starts in May, I could start living there before London. And if I don't get to go to London (PLEASE GOD LET ME GO TO LONDON!) then I could have a place to look after while my study abroad girls are gone.
5. Maybe I could take summer classes and then my grandparents would pay for it?

1. I need to get a job in Philly. How do I get a job in Philly?
2. My parents are more for me living at home fo' free.
3. I almost definitely have possible jobs lined up for me in NYC, sooooo I should probably take advantage of that.
4. My grandparents currently pay for all of my school stuff but this is not school stuff :(
5. My BESTIES will be in NYC and I would miss them more than life itself.

I feel like part of this decision is riding on whether I get to go to London or not.
Honestly, all I really need is a paying job and then I could probably convince all parties to let me do it.

Current Goings Ons

AH stuff to talk about! I shall organize this stuff with bullet points!!

-This week sucks for many reasons but one reason is that I'm sick. GOD DAMNIT. I usually don't get sick that often but this is already the second time this school year! It's okay though, because this song has been helping to heal me. It has also just been stuck in my head all day.

-I made this video for my videography remix project. The assignment was to use at least 2 video and 4 audio sources to create a remix of 90 seconds using ripped YouTube footage. The project itself was a horrible affair and I am not particularly proud of the result, but my professor gave it much praise and if it gives me a good grade then I am happy! The concept behind it was that society loves it when bad things happen to people, especially when love and sex is involved. Or something like that, I totally I made up some stuff :)

-I got a nose ring! I visited Tessa in Baltimore and we both got piercings. (This is a MICA tradition.) The visit itself was really fun. Ate some good food, met some great people, went to a pUnK party!!!

-I got a bicycle! Adam went with me to pick it up so I wouldn't get raped. So cute and small. Embarrassingly small, but I can't do anything to help that fact. I rode her all the way to South Philly and back by myself in the cold in the middle of the night. I have only ridden her that one time though because of my being sick and I have yet to purchase a bike lock. Also, I have started calling her Pocahontas. I must like names that begin with a 'P' for bicycles! My Cape Cod bike's name is Penelope.

-LONDON! I want to go soooo badly! I just handed in my application today! I'm still waiting for 1 professor to submit his student evaluation of me. Hopefully I will hear back in 2-3 weeks. Three people who live down the hall from me have already been accepted and I am NERVOUS!