Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am just SO READY to move out of my parent's house and never return.
I love them, but I can't live with them. Anymore.

1. Living in Philly would be awesome and I would be with my friends.
2. I could live in an area other than North Philly and see how I like it.
3. My mom seems to be okay with this idea, I just need to figure out the $$$ situation.
4. If I get a house with "The Great Place" girls and the lease starts in May, I could start living there before London. And if I don't get to go to London (PLEASE GOD LET ME GO TO LONDON!) then I could have a place to look after while my study abroad girls are gone.
5. Maybe I could take summer classes and then my grandparents would pay for it?

1. I need to get a job in Philly. How do I get a job in Philly?
2. My parents are more for me living at home fo' free.
3. I almost definitely have possible jobs lined up for me in NYC, sooooo I should probably take advantage of that.
4. My grandparents currently pay for all of my school stuff but this is not school stuff :(
5. My BESTIES will be in NYC and I would miss them more than life itself.

I feel like part of this decision is riding on whether I get to go to London or not.
Honestly, all I really need is a paying job and then I could probably convince all parties to let me do it.


Mercedes Z said...

Why isn't "My besties will be in NY most of or all of the summer" on the cons list?!?!?! We will miss you too much.

Keiran McCann said...

OOps being added now! Maya wont though, she'll bein NH :(

AND YOU GUYS COULD SO VISIT. That is, if this whole schpiel works out.

jumpseat monalisa said...

philthadelphia needs you.
although i suppose we could have split custody of you. half your time their. half your time here. as far as money, just be a fetish girl. let guys touch your feet or paint your knees or whatever. there are plenty of freaks just waiting to be bled dry.

Keiran McCann said...

I'm seriously considering prostitution.