Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Current Goings Ons part 2

Attempts to make my blog private because the only people I really want to see it are my close friends, who are the reason I made the blog in the first place. I know it seems stupid to have a blog on the internet where everyone can pretty much see it, but when I made it I was under the impression that only a handful of people really cared to know about my ramblings and I have recently discovered that there are some creepers out there in the world (i.e. Tim Kesilewski).

My day:
-professor/class really liked my videography project, which always surprises me
-handed in a 5 page paper/received a B on my first paper of the semester (not bad)
-ate an amazing salad
-took a nap and had a crazy dream in which I had a stroke (basically I couldn't breathe or talk and my facial muscles started drooping and I collapsed to the floor). Woke up gasping for air.
-Possible dream analysis for this is:
1. my mom was sick last year with symptoms similar to this though she was never really diagnosed and although she has been better for almost a year now the other day she said she experience the same symptoms again :/
2. the most disturbing part of the dream was my physical inability to talk, which I believes stems from my recent experiences. This being that I feel like a lot of good things have been happening to me lately but some of my friends seem to not be getting their way. I feel guilty for being happy and I feel like discussing certain daily goings-on in my life might seem callous or mean. I just don't want to be insensitive to the feelings of others, but I would still like to share my good stories with them. Does that make sense? Is that wrong?
-studied for my psych test (ugh)
-attempted to create prohibition hair/put on a sequined dress
-discussed the current apartment dynamic of 203-E w/ Annie
-had an interesting AIM discussion with my ex-baby-bf Jesse Baskin (weird)

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