Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back @ Home

Some things that I like about being at home:
1) My NJ home is super adorable and funny looking

2) my mom pays for me to get my hair cut (approx. 3 inches of dead hair chopped off!)

3) I have adorable kitties that like to walk in and out my room to say hello

4) I can light candles and incense in my rooms and not have to worry about dorm smoke alarms going off

5) I have my own room in general

6) most food and transportation costs are paid for by the parents (THANKS!)

7) I get to hang with my BFFs

Some things I don't like about being at home:
1) the fact that I have 3 homes to split all my clothes and possessions in

2) having to constantly check in with my parents

3) being away from Philly friends

1 comment:

Jen (and Audrey, too!) said...

Ohhh, I love your house in NJ! It looks very cool :) Oh, to be outttt of the dorms haha.

AND FLASHBACK TO FORMER POST: HOW do you do those amazing leopard nails??? MY GOD, I'm JEALOUS!