Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer in the City: Part 1

My my, summer in the city. Some things that have occurred as of lately:
1) Harlem Happy Hour in my grandma's zen garden with Tessa and Caroline. The margaritas were delicious. A game of never have I ever was played, which was even more fun because we already pretty much know everything about each other. It was really easy to target people with things like, "Never have I ever done anything sexual in a public place" or "Never have I ever kissed someone shorter than me" etc. Regardless, I was usually the person to lose the game.

2) Went to a The Static Jacks concert. They are personal friends of Caroline and the show was really good. The band is really up and coming.

3) Caroline's birthday party. Drank champagne on her roof and giggled a lot.

4) Visited Adam in Philly for 3 days. It was real low key and fun. Went to a Phillies game. (I <3 Jayson Werth).

5) Went to get delicious cookies with Layla at our old favorite middle school cafe. The cookies are a specialty of the place. They are called Allisons and they are double chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips sprinkled on top and white chocolate chips baked in, covered in whipped cream and then put in the microwave so it becomes this deliciously soggy chocolate mess. SO GOOD.

6) Officially moved into my room in Harlem. It's small and I have to share the space with my grandma's art supplies. But I don't mind. It's kind of homey. My grandma is a sculptor and has done a series of busts of herself and my mom. They're pretty cool because they immortalize my mom at 14 and my grandma at various younger ages. They are cast in Bronze and are from the chest up. She has always wanted to cast a bust of me but has never had the time, but now that I'm living with her this summer she is hoping to immortalize me at 20 (half nude!) with a bust sculpture.

7) Opened my a bank account with Bank of America and started my first savings account (hope to be a property owner by 30).

8) Applied to every job I could find on Craigslist (but have yet to hear back from any of them). Looks like I might end up being a hardcore babysitter/part-time nanny or a dog walker this summer. But I actually don't mind that because the pay is good and tax-free and my schedule is more flexible this way. I mean, I haven't got any gigs yet, but if I continue to market myself I am sure I will get one.

I ALREADY MISS PHILLY SO MUCH! My friends are going to Montreal in 2 days and I will actually have nothing to do for a whole week! I might spend those restless days doing stuff for my mom or sewing some dresses. Maybe I'll take up oil painting again.

THE SUMMER IS YOUNG AND SO AM I! (Oh and my laptop is still broken so I'm using my bro's stupid PC.)

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Christine Fisher said...

come back to philly! i am excited about your harlem house though. hopefully we can come visit! even if it's just a day trip