Monday, July 20, 2009

What I Miss About Temple

The trips to New Hope and American fire!

The political awareness.

The hallway parties.

The Philly landmarks/pride.

The Arrested Development drinking games.

The abundent attacks on Malcolm's neck.

The shameless lack of sobriety.

The enthusiastic school pride.

The impromptu dress up/dance parties that ultimately end in grape flavored cigar smoking.

The porch parties.

My cozy bed.

The colorful characters you meet when you go out.

The baby throwing.

The concert going and JEN/AUDREY in fetus form!


James said...

i almost peed laughing at this.... oh T-U, how proud you must be of us!

Corrie said...

hahahahahahah. i love this.
i never knew that picture of me existed..

Corrie said...

my word thingy for this was "buplemay"

Keiran McCann said...

Future dorm cat=buplemay