Friday, July 10, 2009

Matt & Kim

Ahhhhh, yesterday was so much fun! Tessa, Caroline, Maya and I went to Pier 54 to see a free Matt & Kim Concert. Hell Fucking Yes. Their opening bands were Team Robespierre and Flosstradomus and Matt & Kim played every song I wanted them to. It was SO crowded and because it was free, there were quite a few homeless people there. But the air smelled of marijuana and funnel cake and the sun set just over the pier while we there. It was truly magical. I was so going to crowd surf, I SWEAR. But the reason I didn't was actally because of the large crowd. Not everyone was as into the music and dancing and yelling the lyrics as us so I couldn't get REALLY into it enough to hurdle my body across those lackluster fans. Some highlights from the show, other than the amazing music, were:
1) seeing 12 year olds smoking
2) counting the number of ironic hipster 'staches were grazing the lips of those surrounding us
3) basically having a high school reunion (Marie, Juliet, Julie, Catie, James, Nina, David, Camille, Cambridge etc.) because so many people from LaG were there
4) The following quotes:
Flosstradomus: My name is Josh and his name is Kevin!
Me: JK!
Maya: I hooked up with a guy named JK.
Me: JK Rowling!?
Maya:.......YES Keiran, I hooked up with JK Rowling!
Guy in White Shirt Next to Us: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maya: Oh man, I saw this really hot businessman on the subway today and he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, so I totally had a chance.
Tessa: Well if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!

(When discussing the pros and cons of flying/training to Canada)
Maya: Well I'm a firm believer time is wasted when waiting around so I vote we fly.
Me: Well I'm a firm believer that time isn't wasted when you're getting let's just get really drunk on the train.

5) Discussions about the Jesus Freak man who decapitated a guy on a Canadian bus
6) Seeing a homeless guy take a shit in a trash can (terrible, but everyone should experience it at least once)

These are 2 of my favorite Matt & Kim songs:

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