Friday, December 31, 2010


 This is the first photo I took on Photobooth in 2010.  That lipstick mark is actually a band aid that was hiding a HIDEOUS bruise I had as a result of wearing cowboy boots in the snow and falling shoulder first onto the edge of my building's brick steps.  I also thought I broke my wrist for a while after that injury.

 In 2010, I visited Tessa in Baltimore and we both got our noses pierced.

 This was the year when I rediscovered my love of cooking, especially cooking FOR people.

 Look at that neck burn!  The result of working at the swan boat stand for 1 day before quitting.  Too much Irish skin and sunlight and children's vomit for that job to work out.

 I love this.  I assume I am drunk or I just woke up or something.  I look crazy and have a subtle googly eye.

 When I moved back to NJ for the summer and got a haircut.  Really, not my favorite summer but I guess I made the best of it.

 2010 was a year where I really developed a loving relationship with lipstick.

No more wisdom teeth!  And a love for prescription painkillers and 'Teen Mom' comes to fruition.
My lovely London ladies/Hard C's.  Thank god they were in London with me, otherwise I may have commit suicide.  Also, they are just gorgeous.
 I just found this.  Thank you Caitlin.

Last photo taken in 2010!

Photobooth pics are so weird.  THey are pretty much only ever of yourself, but they can really reveal a lot about a person's year.  GOODBYE

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