Friday, January 14, 2011


Here is why:
1) First and foremost:  After 4 years of procrastination, tears, and teenage rebellion against parents who told me I should get one, I, Keiran Leah McCann, have finally obtained my basic New York state learners permit.  CAN I GET A HELL YES!?  I studied the book and went to the DMV and took the damn test and I got a 100% and a congratulations from a surly DMV lady.  I have no idea what my photo looks like because they don't show you after they take it and the permit card will arrive in the mail in about 2 weeks.  (I'll probably just be a hideous mess, which would be kind of hilarious.)  In the mean time I have a little paper certificate.  It was fo' serious a rather proud moment for me.  Just because I had lacked motivation to get it for so long and then last week I kind of just started studying for it ona whim.   Now I finally have it and it feels almost like a rite of passage.  The only issue now is that I need to learn how to drive.  The idea of driving on a real live street amongst other drivers is just terrifying to me.  Also, I move back to Philly tomorrow where I'm pretty sure that I'm not allowed to drive.  And I have no intention of going back to New York any time soon and I also refuse to drive in the city until I've had some rural practice down.  So basically, I have no idea when I will actually LEARN to drive.  Thankfully, my permit doesn't expire for 4 years, so I have 4 years before I actually need to get behind the wheel of a car.  BABY STEPS! (PS I am sorry road trippers, for not trying to get the license sooner!)

2)  After obtaining such license, I decided to call Caroline (who lives in the area of the DMV) and celebrate by getting a much needed pedicure.  Seriously, it was like my legs were attached to nasty foot shaped rocks.  I used gold nail polish because it is the color of champions.  JUST KIDDING.  I got gold because I love gold nail polish. 

3)  After having our toes wrapped in seran wrap, Caroline and I walked to the Patricia Fields store, talked about hilarious things, then walked back to her house where we ate gigantic veggie burgers with sweet potato fries and watched Jersey Shore and Anchor Man and laughed at stupid things like bears and babies and now I am watching CSI and packing last minute things for Bouvier!!!

4) Speaking of Bouvier, AKA home sweet home, I have officially made the decision to never live in my parent's house full time ever again (this does not mean I wont live in my grandma's house in Harlem, because she is not my actual parent).  From this point forth, I am going to try and live on my own to the best of my ability.  Visits are allowed, of course.  But I just really need on my own.  This place is not my "home" anymore. 

PS I'm an organ donor. 

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Look at you, Keiran! You're practically a grown up!