Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend of April 3-5, 2009

I just made this blog because of my good friend Jimmy Dunn.

On Friday I went with Caitlin and Jack to see Dan Deacon. Quite a fun time if I do say so myself. However, the show started about an hour late. After dancing/moshing/being killed, Jack and I went to Kardon and chilled with his friends until 3 in the morning. When we got back to J&H, Jack texted me to say that there were 2 random strangers hooking up in his bed. The perfect end to the perfect evening.

Today I woke up in Mercedes' bed, tangles in leopard print sheets and green polka dot pillow cases. I dreamed that I woke up in the middle of the night and looked down at the floor to see Mercedes splayed out on the floor, face down, looking dead. In my disoriented sleep-addled brain I thought maybe she was sleeping there because I was in her bed. But when I woke up this morning I realized A) Mercedes would never let me sleep in her bed if she wanted to and would have forcefully pushed me off if she wanted to and B) Mercedes hadn't been in her room last night. Then we all went to breakfast at the SAC and discussed the various events of the previous evening.

Last evening's highlights are: "But he's old enough to drive a shiny, shiny Camry!", birth control Polaroids, 4 way back massages,"I will end you! I will kill your family!", "I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend.", Jimmy crying while watching Joan of Arcadia, stumbling upon a randomly fabulous party with a live band, cool ranch Doritos etc.

Then I came back to my do
rm, took a shower, and then proceeded to interview anyone I could about music for my film class. I ended up going to the beach/belltower with Jimmy and interviewing him, Christine, Mary, Corrie, Caitlin, Arielle, and a few random people whom I harassed into doing me a favor. A ladybug landed on my leg, which is good luck and I made a wish. I named her Tina. Now I'm doing homework while simultaneously listening to my roommate's gospel music. "Jesus rules! Glory Hallelujah!"

Current Favorite Song(s): "Teeth in the Grass"-Iron & Wine, "Jumper"-Third Eye Blind

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