Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream Journal Entry#2

Had a weird dream that I went back to London to visit and eat a weird potato sausage dish at a cafe with my family...but, I also had a baby?  And the baby's name was Diana (Princess + London???) and for some reason this random guy with curly blonde hair decided he wanted to use me as a bomb so he built a bomb into the skin in my back and it kind of looked like Iron Man's reactor arc thing and I couldn't touch it or move fast or it would go off and no one would take my baby and he wanted me to blow up some mall in the US where I worked in the Victoria's Secret, but I tried to save lives by going to some field and then it was really sad because I kept trying to call my family to tell them I loved them but my phone wouldn't dial the numbers correctly and then my mom's ex-bf called me and I remembered he was really good at technology so I asked him to come get me and diffuse the bomb and my dad and Quinn showed up and we had to steal a car.  Meanwhile, baby Princess Diana was in a paper bag with blankets, much like a wallaby, the whole time and it was really freaky.  In the end, they somehow remove the bomb, but I had a big chunk of flesh that was taken out of my back.  Gross. 

I don't even have an analysis for this.

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