Saturday, January 2, 2010


Caitlin posted an entry about her New Years resolution and I realized that I had made my New Years resolutions but posted them in my tumblr and not my blog. (PS tumblr is really fun too and I think everyone should get one!)

New Years Resolutions!

This year I will:

1) stop being superstitious

2) paint/draw more

3) eat healthier

4) make more movies

5) wear red lipstick often

6) stop swearing like a sailor

7) sew mad shit

8) go to London

9) grow a beard

10) get straight A’s

11) rebel against my parents

12) learn to speak English properly

13) live everyday to the fullest

14) get a job

15) wake up on January 1st, 2010 w/ my BFFs and get a hangover breakfast

16) get a bicycle

17) cook for my roommates more often

18) go to more concerts

19) develop superpowers

20) make things happen

21) get my NEW YORK STATE driver's license

22) drink more water

1 comment:

Christine Fisher said...

i am very excited about all of these, but i have to say i am most excited about 9 & 8 - in that order haha. can you grow a beard while we're in london?