Monday, January 25, 2010

Dream Journal Entry#1

I've noticed since I got back to school and have been sleeping in my school bed that I have been having some really crazy dreams. For the most part, they are anxiety dreams but they have been disturbing and detailed and just plain strange. Annie and I like to try and analyze our dreams based on Freudian analysis (thank you Mosaic 1!) and various websites about symbol interpretation. I am going to start a segment of this blog titled "Dream Journal" where I can document my dreams and maybe people can give me their own interpretations of what they mean.

WARNING this dream isn't particularly interesting, but even if it is the most boring dream in the world I am going to write it down to keep as a record.

Basic gist of dream is I am me but I'm living in the suburbs, not the city, and I'm in a house that I know is mine but is altogether unfamiliar to me. I am ruthlessly trying to get a job at a fancy corporate building but every time I go to get interviewed I get blown off by the boss, who finally tells me to meet him at 6pm for an interview. My step-mom works in the building and while I am there I visit her and she hands me an autographed play and then a potential book list for Mosaic 2. On the list, 3 books are remembered: Walden, something called HUMAN SEXUALITY, and then a series of children's stories about Michael Jackson (??????). Then in the dream in turns out I am dating the ex-bf of a friend of mine, but in real life I am currently not so fond of this person (at least right now), and even though I feel that it is right for me to be dating this person I simultaneously feel guilty. I ask him to take me to a sort of sorority formal? He says he'll think about it which makes me angry and nervous and I take out a cigarette to smoke but he says "don't smoke that now, save it for later." So I put it back in my bag. Then later in my dream I am showering to get ready for the evening even though I do not have to and I put on a red dress/skirt ensemble and when I go downstairs to talk to my mom about not being sure if my bf is taking me or not she gets a phone call from a neighbor asking if they've seen me today and they describe me as wearing a red dress and having my spine totally twisted around as if I had been hit by a car and I was dead. I look at myself and sure enough I am twisted around and I realize I am dead and a zombie and I start crying hysterically but my mom doesn't seem to understand and then my step-dad comes home and says, "look who's here!" And I go out and expect to see my bf but instead there are 3 large African-American guys in tuxedos all holding flowers and telling me that they want to be my date. Eventually I realize 6pm comes and I do not go to the interview. I also tell the guys "I'm sorry but I have a bf and I cannot choose between you three." Then I woke up. THANKS A LOT ALARM CLOCK!

Important Dream Symbols/Elements
1 lost job interview-basically I need a job/need to sort out my priorities
being dead/zombie-To see or dream that you are a zombie, suggests that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. I can sort of interpret that as me feeling torn about spending time with my different friend groups. It can be hard to balance everything.
wearing red- Red is an active, affective colour, full of passion and emotion. Red can mean luck, joy, happiness, energy, action, but also hate, blood, greed, irritability and will power.
wanting to smoke but not-To dream that you are smoking or offering a cigarette, signifies your need for a break. It may also points to issues of dependency. This could also be due to the fact that with having 2 smoking roommates I occasionally smoke with them and I do not want to develop an addiction.
having to choose between 4 guys, 1 being a friend's ex-bf-this directly relates to something going on in my life right now/was going on in my life a few weeks ago

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