Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh em gee first day of class! Wasn't too bad, considering on Tuesdays I have 4 classes from 9:30am-5pm! Hot dayum. Also I'm already participating, which is one thing I usually have trouble with due to laziness or just intimidation. But the classes are interesting, for example:
1) VIDEOGRAPHY. I will be learning how to use various camera and sound equipment (including HD) plus have access to lighting kits and a mock TV studio complete w/ green screen and monitor. Pretty high tech stuff and really interesting. (Also I got mad friends to hang with.)
2) MOSAIC 2. Teacher seems pretty good and the books we're reading seem WAY BETTER than the stuff we read in Mosaic 1.
3) RELIGION IN THE WORLD. Love my professor, he's very old and reminds me of one of my all-time favorite high school English teachers Mr. Illman. Within the first 10 minutes he had made a joke about alcohol and imitated terrible phone service. He's a charmer. Plus the topic is of interest to me AND it's a GenEd so I'm getting that out of the way AND there is such a cutie who sits in the front row.

The 2 classes I have yet to take are Brain Matters and Web Art and Design.

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