Friday, October 22, 2010

Class Registration

Class registration at Temple University is usually a pretty big deal.  It is also usually a pretty big disaster.  There are an allotted number of days when various students with various credit hours are allowed to sign up for their classes.  Seniors usually have first pick and Freshman have last pick.  At midnight on the day of your allotted registration time, everyone signs into OwlNet at exactly the same time, causing the site to crash and delays to occur.  I'm usually awake at midnight though so that's not a big deal.  However, when you are studying abroad and midnight in the states occurs at 5am London time, things get pretty bad...

BUT we made the best of it.  The night before, I developed a series of potential schedules that might suit me best, made sure I knew their CRN numbers and made sure I knew which classes needed to be booked first.  At 4:55am when all 3 of room 1C's alarms went off, we turned the stupid situation into a registration party!  From 5am-5:15am, the roommates and I danced in our beds to 90s rap and occasionally screamed expletives at our computers when the page refused to load for the billionth time.

Yet despite those 15 minutes of frustration, I eventually got through to OwlNet and registered for EVERY CLASS I WANTED!  Boo yah!  And I have a schedule that is jam packed and good for the possibility of me acquiring a job.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty busy, and my classes are spread throughout the Main campus and Center City campus.  This way Mondays, Wednesays, Fridays, and the weekend are open to possible job shifts (that is my next project: operation find a job!)

I am taking 5 classes for a total of 17 credit hours. 
FILM: Digital Animation/Composition, Media Writing 1
SOCIOLOGY: Ethnicity and the American Experience
WOMEN'S STUDIES:  Gender in America
PSYCHOLOGY: Human Sexuality

The sociology and women's studies classes fulfill my General Education requirements, upon completion of them I will be done with GenEd core curriculum (they also sound really interesting).  The film classes put me on the General Studies thesis track (I am so excited for these classes!!!!!!).  The psychology class is just for fun, but also a requirement for my overall graduation track.

I'm thinking of trying to pursue and art minor, though a bit late in the game.  I'm going to try and see an advisor in person about it because when I tried going through all the email and phone channels this summer, I was met with a dead end.  Hopefully I can crank out an art minor during a summer session and throughout Senior year.  If I like my Digital Animation class, I might consider grad school for animation.  THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!  All I really know is that the thought of me graduating in 2 years makes me ridiculously sad and scared.  I want to be a student forever.

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