Sunday, October 3, 2010

LONDON: Days 31-32

Seriously, so good.  It started at 6:45am Saturday morning, which is when my alarm went off so I could get ready for our organized trip to Stonehendge and Bath.  The bus was incredibly comfortable, so I took a lot of naps while en route.  Stonehendge was exciting because it was like seeing a celebrity.  You kind of just grow up always hearing about it or seeing images of it, plus it's featured in almost every alien movie ever.  So it was pretty exciting to see it in person.  Unfortunately, you're not allowed to go anywhere near it.  But it was okay.  The coolest thing about it is that it's supposed to be an area full of magic!  The druids would pray there during the solstice/equinox holidays and so it's considered to be a kind of holy ground.  The grass was practically covered in glitter because there was so much dew and there were hundreds of huge black crows perched on top of the stones.  The crows would fly away and back again in huge swells.  It was pretty magical to watch.  For the most part though we just made asses of ourselves by taking ridiciulously posed pictures or naming the rocks in the structure (Rocky, Rocky Balboa, Rocky Horror, Pebbles, Vitamin etc.)  And I was almost hit by a bus in the parking lot.  My instincts are actually stupid though, so when the bus started driving towards me and everyone was screaming for me to get out of the way I just ran in a circle in front of the bus instead of running away.  Everyone laughed at me, hahaha :)  We were there for about an hour and half before we left for our trip to Bath....

Bath was soooo pretty!  It was very small and adorable.  We walked in pretty much every direction we could and would always end up back where we started.  We went to the Roman Bath museum, which I didn't really like.  The tour was kind of boring and I felt the museum did not preserve the authenticity of the Baths themselves.  At the end of the tour you're given the option of drinking from the mineral spring.  I thought it was just a stupid gimmick and that the water was just tap water coming from a fancy fountain, but that water was lefitamately from the spring and it tasted like warm water that was used previously for boiling eggs.  GROSS!  SO GROSS!  I took 1 sip and ran away.  Bath is also 1000x cheaper than London.  We ate lunch at a pub and all had really filling and delcious meals for about £5 or less.

The night after Bath was also really fun.  It was just a huge group of fun people hanging out in the basement and bonding while writing a ridiculous script for a ridiculous movie.

For the most part Sunday was a lazy day, but the girls of the FIE program really wanted to bond so we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Piccadilly Circus called Chiquito.  I got a chicken chimichanga and it was SO DELICIOUS!  But I ate way too much and felt sick.  But it was indeed a lovely bonding experience with all the ladies.  I'm really happy that we're all here at the same time.  I really lucked out with this semester. 

GAH!  I cannot believe I have already been in London for 1 month!  I cannot believe I am going to be seeing Adam in 3 weeks!

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Beth Cozzolino said...

I loled at the rock names and you almost getting hit by a bus. Those places sound so cool! I miss you guys!