Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm happy to be home! But sad to be away from Temple....
David came over and we took a whole bunch of photobooth pictures while I waited for my RA to come check me out.

pretending to be babies artsy
smiling with our eyes Peruvian mask

Otherwise, it took me forever to get to my NJ home. I met up with my mom and Quinn and went to see Star Trek, which was really good. Then I spent 5 hours unpacking and organizing everything.

Goals for the Summer:
1. learn to drive/get my learner permit
2. learn to skateboard
3. make a kick ass stop motion film (w/ the help of my friends)
4. make a kick ass documentary film (w/ the help of my friends)
5. summer fling
6. find a paying job?
7. go to Adventureland/Siren/APW/a variety of other fun concerts or theme parks
8. exercise
Things that I plan to take advantage of now that I am at home:
1) bubble baths
2) home cooked meals/good fruit and veggies
3) time (as in, i’m going to use it wisely)
4) my own room
5) my friends (as in, i’m going to spend a whole lot of time with them)
6) Television (perhaps I’ll actually start watching it again)

Things I miss about Temple:
1) everything...
2) except writing papers taking tests, and enduring 3 hour lectures


James said...

5. summer fling

oh gram... you make me laugh.

David Leith said...

be my tracie and i'll be your rich.
p.s. i like miss you bitch.