Monday, May 18, 2009


Oh man, the last few days have been pretty wonderful. On Friday I met with my summer boss for lunch. She really likes me and I am so excited to get to work (go to and register for free to see what I do). Then I walked around my old high school neighborhood and met up with the Spain girls to discuss...Spain.

Saturday I had a girl's day with my mom and grandma. We went to brunch at this great restaurant and I ate a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich with strawberries and blueberries on the side + the bread was b
asically cranberry walnut french toast. DELICIOUS (Jimmy, I thought of you while I was eating it). Then we did some business-y attire shopping for me and my new job and then ate these delicious little bite sized cupcakes that I am getting all non-NYC residents when they come and visit me. After that, I had a "grown up dinner" with my Dad, Jesse, our family friends Jack & Anita and Vinnie & Anne Marie. I was the only one there under the age of 39. But it was fun..we had Indian food (chicked tikka masala, samosas, and coconut soup).

Today I went to Brooklyn to have an impromtu birthday celebration for Caroline. It was fabulous seeing Yana, Bridget and Liz. Yana was freaking out about how Malik, her boyfriend and one of my best guy friends, has recently become a male model and she says she feels "fat and ugly"....which she is not. I had a quice and iced coffee and then went back to NJ, packed for several hours, visited Jack & Anita with my mom, played with their 3 m onth old Habanese puppy Remy, then packed some more.

SPAIN HERE I COME! (Max is going to! Wouldn't it be weird if we randomly bumped into each other? It would be "UNREALLL...")

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James said...

awww i want to have a day like this. in and out of the city. working. playing. laughing.