Friday, May 8, 2009

Kicking Things in the Face!

Blogging is getting kind of addicting! (I now have a tumblr too: Though I never really know what to say that would be particularly interesting. Today I took my first final, Media Arts 2. I kicked it in the face Power Rangers style..I've been reading Caitlin's blog. Tomorrow my dad, step-mom, and beloved little brother are visiting/helping me pack up some of my immense shit. It blows my mind as to how old Quinn looks now. Here are before and after photos. The first one is baby Quinn, blond and adorable with chunky lips. The second photo was taken in November 2008. The third photo was taken 3 weeks ago. Can you say puberty?!

I am also kicking my dorm packing in the face. It's particularly annoying that when packing I have to take special consideration of packing half of my belongings in "Mom bags" and the other half in "Dad bags." It's the only real downside to having divorced parents, which sounds weird. But my parent's divorce was a blessing in disguise. As a result, I moved to NYC and have 2 great step parents that I can't imagine living without. It was hard at the time, of course. And it forced me to grow up faster than I should have, but it was an important life experience.


I've decided to take
drawing requests. I've been lacking in the inspiration department lately and only seem to find drawing hands particularly entertaining. So if anyone has a request (i.e. a portrait, scenario etc.) I will gladly take it.


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James said...

drawing request(s):
1) temple scenery.
2) temple friends
3) temple scenery with temple friends
4) more friend portraits...
5) anything comic book...
6) animals...
7) Hedwig...