Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's been too long!

It has been too long since I last posted anything.

AMAZING! Everyone should go to Barcelona and Seville at some point in their life. Sangria is delicious and we should only drink that for the rest of our lives. Animals in Spain are 100 times funnier than in the states. I only know how to order food and say "kiss me." We made a whole bunch of Canadian friends. We took about 3000 pictures between the 4 of us who went. (Here is a picture of me in our Madrid hostel next to room 324!)

My Job

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I reunited with my besties at Mercedes' house the other night. Everyone was introduced to Schatz and they all LOVED him. It was a good night. Also, Malik is a model and I have attached some photos of him for us to all laugh at. Here is a conversation I had with my dad after showing him pictures-
K: BAHAHAHAHAH I mean look at him! It's Malik and he's a model!
D: Well, he IS pretty gorgeous.
D: What!? He's a gorgeous guy, i'm sure he'll be very successful.

I love my dad.

Also also, Matt came into NYC yesterday and we went to The Bodies exhibit and walked half the length of Manhattan. It was a really cool but really epensive exhibit. Did you know that the bodies in there are mostly Chinese prisoners who were executed? It's all very hush-hush but apparently true. Oh, and Matt touched a real human brain. They also had a room that showed babied is various stages of fetal development and it was really disturbing but also really interesting and for some reason I kept thinking of you Caitlin and Jimmy when we were looking around. I don't think you would have liked it very much. ALSO ALSO, I told Matt that we now call it "pulling a St. Lawrence" when people hook up in the middle of the street and it turns out he had ABSOLUTELY NO recollection of ever doing that and was really embarassed and shocked when I told him. Hahahahhahaha!

Today I am spending the day with my dear sweet papa, going to see Terminator 4 and maybe play some tennis.



jumpseat monalisa said...

dear god- that is a pretty boy.
also i've read about that whole chinese-prisoner body thing. a lot of people boycotted the body works exhibit that came to harrisburg. it still sounds pretty sweet. tell matt we can show him the photographic proof if he needs his memory jogged.


Corrie said...

oh my god. he is gorgeous!

James said...

1) i appreciate u thinking of cait and me when looking at fetal babies...
2) i want to visit u. and that exhibit....
3) does malik have a gay brother... (your dad was totally justifiable...)

Keiran McCann said...

I have to show you guys before and after photos of Malik. He honestly "blossomed" this year. He used to be semi chubs and hardxcore. And no James, he is an only child. But if he ever goes gay I'll give him your number.