Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Lonesome Heroes

Oh my goodness, I have had a truly lovely last few days. On Wednesday I was reunited with Connie, one of best friends who moved to Colombia after Freshman year of High School. We went out to dinner at Blockheads and then went to Tessa's house and played Scattergories until our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard.

The next day I went to Brooklyn(!) to start working as PA (production assistant) on a music video set for a country-esque band called The Lonesome Heroes. It was SO MUCH FUN. The first day I just did clerical work, like looking up the hour-by-hour local weather forecasts and calling costume shops to see if they rent Elvis suits. Danny, the director of the music video IS SO CUTE! Albeit 29 years old and has a GF. But we chilled in his apartment and I played with his fat ass cat Linus. The day after I had a 10AM call time to the actual shoot, where I ran a variety of errands like picking up batteries and lunch and computer harddrives and ice. At one point I even helped the gaffers rig up some lights. The crew was so nice and helpful and social and I even became friends with one of the other PAs. Her name is Gaby and she is kind of a hot mess, but we got along great and had a good time hanging out during our down time. However, she is a completely reckless driver and I never want to be in a car with her ever again! She drove at least 20 miles over the speed limit, ran through red lights, almost ran over some pedestrians in a crosswalk, blasted her music, and bitched out a harmless couple trying to jwalk. Mind you this was all on a coffee run that shouldve lasted 10 min but took 35 because we had to meet her drug dealer. Fuck no. Otherwise, a nice lady.
This is the song for the music video, the concept behind it was really cute. You can see from the pictures.

I also became friends with a nice Austin couple named Ted and Emma and while I was acting as bouncer outside ANNIE FOGARTY, my dear sweet duture roommate, stops in her car and says hello. Completely by coincidence, but she lives in the neighborhood which we were shooting so it made sense. Oh and I wasn't paid in cash for my 16 hour shift....I was paid in pizza and beer, which I think is a fine trade off for honest labor.

The next day I had to babysit for these kids WHOM I LOVE! They are the cutest, coolest, and funniest kids of all time. Jimmy and Caitlin would have had a wonderous time there as well. And speaking of Jimmy and Caitlin, I WILL BE SEEING YOU TOMORROW! AND JEN TOO! We need to make plans with herrrr!

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James said...

yes. yes. YES. plans will be made!

im excited you're coming.....