Monday, June 15, 2009

Snaggle Tooth

So today I decided to do some rifling around in the various boxes in my room containing junk I cannot bear to throw away. Amongst the New Found Glory patches, horoscope clippings, and candle wax statues, I found a variety of objects and items that I felt the need to share with you.

These are pair of Barbie ballerina slippers I received for my 15th birthday. The sad thing is...they fit me. Albeit in a "if I were to wear them too long my feet would resemble that of a 19th century Chinese prostitute's."

Here we have a variety of class pictures. The first is hideous 8th grade Keiran, followed by fashion challenged 6th grade Keiran (wearing a Lmt. Too dress), followed by dressed entirely in blue 3rd grade and friend Antoine, and finally 7th grade Keiran (who though it was cool to wear shirts from the H&M toddler department). Notice in photos 2 and 4 that my feet dangle precariously off of my chair, not quite hitting the floor.

These next images are from my snaggle toothed days. An x-ray and plaster mold of the chompers that scared my reflection for about 2 years.

This here is 6 year old Keiran's passport photo. Within the 5 years that I had this passport validated I went to Brazil and the Bahamas.


James said...

i wish i went to brazil and the bahamas... heck id settle for canada.

i love when i find old things while cleaning.
i feel like the barbie slippers will make their way to temple...
thats me subtly hinting.

David Leith said...

made me laugh really hard when i desperately needed it keekz.