Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oscars and Bacon

I like my job more and more every day. Today we went to the School of Visual Arts to discuss sound with this hilarious old man named Chris Newman. Every other word out of his mouth was either fuck, asshole, schmuck, or hutzpah! And he was extremely helpful and nice. He told me Temple is a great school but that he has some beef with the film department because he applied for a job there 10 years ago and he still hasn't heard back from them. But get this, after the interview I learn that this silly old Jewish man from South NJ has won 3 Oscars!!!!! For The English Patient, Amadeus, and the Exorcist!! And he was nominated for Fame! I was so impressed! And on The English Patient he worked with this sound genius Walter Murch, who we were forced to learn about in my film classes. DAYUM!!


(He's the baldy to the left)

Later today I have plans to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Francis Bacon (no affiliation to Keven Bacon) exhibit that I missed at the Prado when we were in Madrid.


jumpseat monalisa said...

that old guy = hottie.
i like my men like i like my eagles. bald and reppin' our country.

James said...

whoah cait. hahahaha

gram! look at you... doin it! meetin people. reppin temple! i see you gurlllll.... i see you. GET IT!