Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Ramblings

I think that one of the best things in the world is to wake up to the smell of brewing coffee or cooking bacon. Thankfully this happens to me a lot seeing as how my room is practically in the kitchen. Other comforting smells: burning wood, my aunt's house (which is in Woodstock and smells like a combination of lavender, wet wool, and hippie.)

Lately I have developed a bit of a Pinkberry addiction. I don't know why but I LOVE Pinkberry. My favorite combination to get is a small pomegranate yogurt with chocolate chips and raspberries.

I have recently fallen in love with my mom's replacement for me. PICO! We spent the entirety of last night cuddling and spooning and purring. I'm going to have to steal her at some point. This is picture of Quinnius holding her in all her glory.

I've recently developed a renewed love of The X-Files. It was a show I grew up watching with my parents (who never really believed in censoring my brother and I from violence, sex, and scary things). The show terrified me when I was little and terrifies me to this day. Aliens are scary ass motherfuckers. The concept of being abducted and not remembering being abducted or being abducted and never coming back to earth is kind of terrifying. I think aliens definitely go up there on my list of fears, right above sharks in swimming pools (a fear I totally share with Caitlin) and below giving birth/being pregnant without realizing it (this is due to that terrible show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant which puts awful ideas in one's head.)

Part of my job description requires me to read scripts and give my boss a review of them. And I have to say, there are a surpringly large amount of scripts about Santa Claus...and a big percentage of those Santa Claus scripts are either about Santa's dysfunctional family (Holli Claus in L.A......i'm not kidding, that's the actual title) or are of the Christmas-horror film genre (Dis Kris Kringle Kill). It's hilarious. I hope these movies one day get made.

I recently purchased my Harry Potter 6 premier ticket. I'm so excited. I'm seeing the premier at Kips Bay Theater, which is where I saw the last 2 Harry Potter movies. I'm going to dress up either as a wizard or a portkey.

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