Sunday, August 16, 2009

I <3 NY

I love NYC, I really do. There is just so much to keep you busy and you can have the most amazing and spontaneous days. Today was just a wonderful day from the start because I woke up to discover that my dad had made PANCAKES! I also discovered, that my dad enjoys listening to Evanescence while he cooks them ("My Christ, my tourniquet! Return to me salvation!").

After pancakes, I met up with Caroline at the Hells Kitchen flea market where I bought a leopard print purse for $5! I'm currently obsessed with it. Then we went to the Cupcake Cafe and drank our weight in iced coffee (which, I believe has made me incredibly ill due to the immense caffeine load).

Then Caroline and I walked across town and had out breastiesss measured at Victoria's Secret by a pushy lady who told me I was a 32C and I was all "Pshhff, GIRL PLEASE!" But for fun, Caro and I tried on the sluttiest stuff there we could find, which was surprisingly limited. Then we walked way far downtown to go thrifting, which is just impossibly expensive in NYC. We went to various shops to find boots, but nothing was cheaper than $45, which frankly ruins the concept of thrifting.

We walked even further and saw a hottiiieee! RANDY LEWIS, i.e. Mercedes' dad outside of Cheap Shots (a bar around the corner from his apartment). What a babe. He was so funny though, he never recognizes us. We also ended up seeing another friend's mom when we went to Cafe Yaffa (which gave us free condoms). We also witnessed a bus filled with Indian people waving Indian flags and listening to Indian music. Perhaps it is Indian pride day?

It was just one of those days where you fall in love with your friends and with the city and with the people in it. It would have been perfect minus the caffeine coma and intense heat.

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Jen (and Audrey, too!) said...

Yeah that's crazy about thrifting in NYC! I remember Spence and I went to What Goes Around Comes Around cause he wanted some old band tees, but we saw ratty old band tees ranging from like $50 to a Sex Pistols shirt that was $1000!!! How insane! I mean, I know rare band tees can get expensive but pllleeeaaassee. haha

Miss YOUUUU can't wait to see you soon!