Sunday, August 30, 2009


"You know why Keiran is a better Jew than you Maya? Cause she's at Temple all the time!"
-Michael Spitalnik

Oh my, this year is starting of smashingly. I love my old friends, I love my new friends, I love the friends that are yet to be made. I love Temple Towers, despite my weird room situation right now. I love my neighbors and my schedule etc.

Day 1=
SO MUCH FUN. My suite-mates and I drank wine and told each other about ourselves. Then I went over to 1300 and pregamed w/ the beloved TU gang + Danny, Malcolm and Mike and went to Ron's house. It was nice seeing Ron and the beer and Jungle Juice was delicious and cheap, but otherwise the party was very eh. Then Caitlin, Danny, and I walked back to 1300, which is when I gracefully slipped in front of AXP and skinned my knee. We then bumped into Josh and some friends of his and one of them (an Asian no less!) gave me a Hello Kitty band aid. It seriously wasn't a drunk fall, it rained ALL DAY and my shoes had flat bottoms. But seeing Josh was great and the Hello Kitty band aid was hilarious. We then dropped Danny off and I proceeded to sneak Caitlin into Temple Towers cause I didn't have my guest card yet. We partied in Justin's room, he has 4 mini fridges full of beer, and danced and played with Beth, Lindsay, Matt F., Matt St. Lawrence, some kid named Frank or Fred, Wyatt, Carmen etc. It was beautiful. I missed everyone so much. A great start to a great year.

Day 2=
Waking up early and heading to the Italian market, which is like a ghetto farmer's market! We got fresh mozzarella and made Caprese salads. Then we walked to South street and met up with mah best homies. (PS My roommates really liked you guys!) Then I bought some text books and became really poor in the process and hung out at Matt's apartment w/ Mark, Dan, and some other girls. Then LisaMarie made the most delicious pasta, which we ate at our floor meeting, and THEN I walked around campus with the gang to ogle the freshmen. Afterwards Wyatt stumbled into our room and we discussed music, big feet, Across the Universe, and nose rings. I think some of my roomies have a crush on him.

Day 3=

Some pictures of my apartment:


James said...

i want to visit you... someday.

p.s.- i liked ur roommates too. especially the asian one with cool shoes. she was fly, and she knew it.

Corrie said...

keiran! update this! with many pictures of the fun times that have ensued at TU!