Thursday, June 3, 2010


So not to be super morose and a barer of bad news, but last night I received word from Adam about this girl that we both knew. Her name is Sabina and it turns out she was robbed and murdered the other night in Philly.

I didn't know her that well. I had only met her a few times and we never talked much but I'm still really really freaked out about it happening. Like, when Adam told me I didn't think much of it. The weird thing was that I had just looked at a picture of her at an event on fb. She had just been in my thoughts. After I got off the phone I went to tell my dad and all of a sudden I broke down and started sobbing. It's just REALLY SCARY! I've never realllllly known anyone my age who has died in such a violent way. And she was tiny. My size. Maybe smaller. It's so fucking sad. It doesn't even matter that I didn't know her well, it's just such a fucking waste of life. She was so young. And now I'm scared for EVERYONE. I just don't want to hear of this happening to anyone else. It's so terrible. People can be so terrible.

Basically, just everyone please be safe this summer. Don't walk around by yourself like Dee that night she disappeared and thought she was with Corrie. Just be careful and I promise I'll do the same.


Liz said...

Oh, my god, that's so scary and sad! In the last two weeks I was at Temple two of my friends were mugged, so I was glad to be getting OUTTA there. But tha'ts super scary that you knew her, I hope you're doing okay, Keiran.

James said...

i love you. you are a good person. and i'm praying for her, and you. i will walk you anywhere you need escorted to (and if adams not available). i love you baby gurl.