Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things Are Looking UP!

After a few weeks of absolute uncertainty, stress, paranoia, and frustration, things are finally getting better! I am no longer worrying about:
-my financial situation
-finding a job (because I seem to be getting jobs thrown at me nowadays!)
-buying my plan tickets (BOOYAH! I'll be in Europe from 9/1-12/17)
-applying for a passport (had it expedited yesterday!)
-not seeing my friends (I love them more than ever and today we're hanging in Central Park)


I really hope my summer continues to look like this as opposed to how it looked a few days ago when everything was going wrong and things like having my nose ring stuck/having to have my step-dad attempt to remove it with pliers and getting into fights with my parents. THOSE DAYS BETTER BE OVER!

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