Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This week has been ridiculously busy but great!

I went to Philly for the weekend where I got to spend time with my dearests. On Friday, Christine and I biked all over Philly in the blistering heat to run various errands and see the free at noon Gogol Bordello show at World Cafe Live. It was my second time seeing them and they are really great, though Eugene definitely toned his performance down for the radio broadcast. While in Philly I also went to see Toy Story 3 (in 3D) for the 2nd time, turned 21 *cough, cough*, and went to The Barbary for the first time.

I also nabbed a paying job as a graphic designer of sorts for my mom's old business partner/the mom of an old middle school peer. It's pretty fun work, especially since I get to use photoshop and a tablet. Plus I get to work from home which means while I draw I watch movies in my PJs. My first project was really easy and my employers were really happy with the results. But my newest project is proving to be very difficult for no real reason other than the customer isn't entirely satisfied with my designs...and the customer is always right. Basically I have to make a caraciture of my boss but make it look hand drawn while simultaneously making her look sexy. I've made about 50 different versions of the drawing but they're never quite right.

So the image on the left is the original and the image on the right is the one I am currently editing to fit her specifications. She wants to look "less manly" and sexier, the glasses should be filled black but more square but about 1/3rd the size in the drawing on the left. If you guys have any suggestions about how to make this look "sexier" please let me know! Maybe I need to change the mouth or the eyes? The thing is, they want it to look kind of sloppy.

To add to my business, I also just received my new passport in the mail (DOESN'T EXPIRE FOR 10 YEARS YAHOO!) which means I can start my VISA And I've been house sitting for a neighbor. And I'm doing some video work for my mom. And I'm researching the possibility of minoring in Art at Temple U. And I'm sort of studying for my permit test (I don't know when I will take it but I swear I'll get it done this summer). And tomorrow I am dogwalking all day (7 dogs throughout the Harlem/Upper West/Upper East areas). AND I leave for Cape Cod on Friday for 4th of July!


I haven't seen my friends or even my baby bro in soooo long!!

I miss them.

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James said...

I want to be a NYC dog walker!
I am also jealous of your job, but not your boss haha.
I don't mind the eyes in the second one. Maybe make her lips red... that's alway sexy right?
Also... DEFINITELY minor in ART! U DAMN FOOL! like that's even a question!!!!