Monday, July 12, 2010


As the days go on I get more and more excited for LONDON! Sure it's going to be stressful and expensive and different, but I am still extremely excited. Today my mom even found an old purse with 45 pounds in it! So I've already got a little head start. I'm also watching The Office UK edition.

In other news, I went to Cape Cod and went clam digging and beaching. But 10 days on the Cape with my family was just too much. I'm glad to be back in the tri-state area.

Things I am looking forward to this week:
-my cousin's NY movie premiere of The Visit on Wednesday,which premiered at Cannes this summer
-Adam coming to visit
-Siren Music Festival


jumpseat monalisa said...

yay for london excitement! i need to get myself in the same mindset and stop dwelling on fundage (or lack thereof) and limited packing space. we'll be up to our necks in foreign adventures and i won't even have time to think about that stuff. and if i do, it will only be fleeting until you or chris fish shake me out of it.

James said...

tell atom i said hey. hope you ate lots and lots of clams... i just love them.