Sunday, July 18, 2010


OH MY GOD WHAT A GLORIOUS WEEKEND! It's the kind of weekend you hope for every week of every summer. This was probably the best weekend of my summer so far.

It started off with a wine and cheese party at Madeline's house. We drank cheap wine and delicious cheeses on her rooftop while catching up on girl times.

The next day was Siren Music Festival! Adam came for a visit and so we wandered down to Coney Island just in time to die of heat stroke, drink lemonade, ride the Cyclone roller coaster, and watch Matt & Kim perform. I do believe this was my 4th time seeing those dudes. They're great every time.

On our way back from Coney Island we debated whether we should cram ourselves like sardines into an already packed subway car or wait for the next F train. THANKFULLY we chose to get on the crowded subway and it ended up being THE. BEST. SUBWAY. RIDE. EVER. What was initially described as "Tyler Perry's 'House of Payne'" by Tessa Law turned into the most amazing party ever. A group of people on the train were obvously very intoxicated and excited about the festival. They brought a boombox on the train and started blasting z100's top 40. SO AWESOME! What basically ensued was general rowdiness, screaming, nip slips, sing-a-longs etc. Every time the subway stopped and people got on or off we would all holler and clap and sing and it was so lovely! We were right next to those guys too so we became BFFS. Oh and at one point this complete stranger walks through the crowd of people, puts his hands on Adam's waist and says, "Excuse me! Could I have everyone's attention. This here (squeezing Adam's waist) is my good friend Eric....AND TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY! So let's sing him a song!" And everyone sang Happy Birthday and it was just so amazing! One of those things that makes you just love NYC even more.

After we left the Party train we went to our friend Nick's house in Fort Green, BK and had a jolly good time on his roof. Then Adam and I left to go back to Harlem and when we walked out of the subway the sun was rising. IT WAS SO GOOD.


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