Friday, July 30, 2010

Loss of Wisdom

So the biggest thing going on in my life right now is the fact that I have 4 gaping holes in my mouth. Yes, I had my wisdom teeth removed. After 2 years of being told by my dentist that it needed to happen, I finally went through with it...and it was the worst experience ever.

First of all, I'm not afraid of the dentist. I never have been. And I was only marginally nervous about having my teeth removed. But I ended up freaking out. My oral surgeon doesn't like to put people under during the procedure. His procedure involves local anesthetic and a Valium that you take an hour before you arrive to "take the edge off." The Valium was pretty fun in the beginning but 1 pill definitely wasn't enough because when the doctor started pulling the first tooth I had a full on anxiety attack. I've never had an anxiety attack before and it was super scary. I felt really guilty about holding up the surgery too because it was only supposed to take about 45 minutes but it ended up taking 2 hours. In the end it wasn't really my fault because I apparently have something called sensory nerves? This just means I have more nerves in my mouth than most people so it took 4x as mush anesthesia for someone my size to be injected into my gums :(

Also, my oral surgeon said he normally doesn't prescribe anything stronger than Tylenol with Codeine but in my case he prescribed me with Percoset (oxycodine). As soon as I took the pills I fell asleep but I woke up a few hours later to change my gauze and when I stood up I felt nauseous so I ran to the bathroom to vomit. GROSS. Then as I was walking out of the bathroom I fainted and then vomited again. EXTRA GROSS.

Is everyone's wisdom teeth extractions like this? (photo: a little swollen.)

After that though, I felt fine. I was even able to eat a yogurt! And since I slept most of the day, I was up most of the night watching bad MTV (i.e. The Jersey Shore season 2 premiere and hours of Teen Mom).

Today has been a lot better. I ate yogurt, pudding, and mashed potatoes and have slept a lot. Oxycodine is pretty fun if I do say so my self. Though I'm experiencing a weird side affect from it which is feeling extremely itchy all the time. But otherwise, I enjoy the constant drowsiness and the fact that it makes me feel like I love everyone and everything all the time.

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