Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nurse Keiran

So today was an interesting day.

-Went to the elite Park Avenue to work alongside a very pregnant Patricia (who is due any day now with a baby boy-to-be named Peter "PePe" Pius White).

-Had to go to the hospital to pick up my grandmother after her foot surgery. She was the last person to leave the little hospital (which isn't really a hospital but more like a small medical place where various cosmetic surgeries, otherwise known as "daytime surgeries", take place) and was a little bit of a diva about her pain levels. She had surgery on her foot to correct a weird bone growth pattern that had occurred when she got into a bus accident a few years ago. Other than being a diva though, she was pretty hilarious. She made a few sexual advances to her doctor and sucked on an ice cube in the most sexual way I've ever seen. The nurses and I teased her about it and then they became all snooty and were all, "Why are you laughing? You shouldn't know why that's funny! How old are you anyway? You have to be 18 to be her guardian." And I was all, "BITCHES, I'M 20 YEARS OLD!" Oh well, such is life. It took FOREVER to get her home though.

-Witnessed a drug shakedown on the corner of 133rd and Adam Clayton Powell avenue. You would think that having lived in NYC half of my life I would have seen more police arrests or drug shakedowns. NOPE! This was maybe the third time I've ever really seen anyone get in trouble with the law. It's always a little unnerving.

-Bought and consumed delicious Sengalese food. (Chicken kebabs, maffe, plantains, and spicy ginger juice.)

-Almost finished watching all 2 seasons of Pushing Daisies. GOOD SHOW.

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