Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today was a busy day!

-Went to a business meeting with my boss Ali.
-Had lunch with my mom at the Chelsea Market (delicious veggie burger with fennel jam and Asiago fries).
-Went to the Javits Center for a textiles show and attended a seminar about expected color palettes for 2011.
-Saw 'The Kids Are Alright' with Mom. LOVED IT!
-Walked from 23rd and 6th to 2nd and 2nd while on the search for "grown up" lipstick
-Bought a European laptop adapter (WOO LONDON!)
-Ate delicious Thai food.
-Bought Macaroons in honor of Bastille Day (chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry-lemon etc.)
-Saw my cousin's feature length film. (IT WAS BADDDDDD! AND I SAW HIM NAKED!!!)


jumpseat monalisa said...

where did you get your laptop adapter/how much did it cost? imma need one of those suckas.

James said...