Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ghost Story

Yo, so here's the deal. I am not a religious person, but I do sometimes consider myself a spiritual person. I believe in ghosts and horoscopes and hauntings and psychics etc. I don't know why. I was kind of raised on it. I get a real high off of scary movies and books and I always kind of wished I was a psychic. Other than getting some really creepy vibes from the back room bathroom in my old apartment on Riverside Drive, I have never really experienced any real "paranormal activity". Sure, I've heard stories from other people. When I was growing up we had a roommate named Julie who apparently was followed around by ghosts her whole life. She would wake up and find all of her kitchen cabinets and drawers open or she would find things in her apartment that wouldn't belong to her.

I'm not positive, but I think I had my first "supernatural experience" last night. I didn't remember all the details until this evening. I woke up this morning feeling really weird and was kind of wondering why I don't always sleep well at when I am at my grandma's house. I was thinking maybe it was because the bed is just a mattress on the floor and being that low might be disorienting or something. I always feel kind of unrested. I fell asleep at about 2am but woke up around 3am cause Adam drunk dialed me. We talked for 17 minutes (according to my cellphone) and then I hung up and rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. I felt like I was in one of those half awake/half asleep dream states where you can still think and move but everything is cloudy. As I was snoozing I was facing away from the wall and all of a sudden it felt like someone was laying next to me. It was comforting at first. I thought I was hallucinating that I was being spooned by Adam or something (since I had just gotten off the phone with him). Then I felt something like a hand go down the length of my arm and then gently hold my wrist. I wanted to change positions to face the person...but when I tried roll over, I couldn't. I felt restricted like I was being held down. I felt lucid but drowsy at the same time so I was able to create thought processes in my head. I kept trying to roll over but I couldn't move my body and then I tried to scream but no sound came out. My mouth was open but other than a slight weezing, there was no sound.

I kept trying and trying and I couldn't scream or make any sound and I kept trying to move my arms and turn around but I couldn't and I remember thinking, 'Oh my god. Someone broke in and injected me w/ a muscle relaxant and I'm about to get raped.' (Kind of a weirdly specific thought process.) But then I was finally able to move my head so I turned it to the other side of the bed where I felt the person and there was a naked man curled up and I remember thinking, 'he's Spanish or Mexican' cause he had darker skin and then he made a face like he was screaming or talking. His mouth was kind of rounded and he looked sad. I was instantly freaked. But the second I saw him I was able to turn my head back and then I could move my whole body again. It was as if I had woke up because I had full control of my body again. I felt slightly threatened but I rolled over in the direction the man had been and he wasn't there so I curled up in a ball and instantly fell asleep until morning.

I really hope that was some weird awake type dream because otherwise I'm pretty sure it was a ghost. It didn't feel like a dream. I'm only a little scared though. Tonight I'm sleeping at my dad's and I'm not supposed to be back at my grandma's until at least wednesday. I kind of want to go back and see if it happens again. But I am a little scared. It was the weirdest experience.

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Jen (and Audrey, too!) said...

AHHH that's so creepy! A naked Spanish/Mexican ghost was trying to get his feel on!

No but seriously, that is insane. I wouldn't even know what to think of that!