Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Photobooth Pics

So today I decided to look through all of my old Photobooth pictures. It was actually quite hilarious because I don't remember taking a lot of the pictures but I feel that they sum up the year pretty nicely based on events. The weird thing is that all of these pictures are of me, which seems strangely narcissistic, but I feel that most Photobooth pictures are of the owner of the computer. So here are the 9 photos I have chosen that BEST represent the year 2009 from a Photobooth perspective <3

1) According to photobooth, this is the first picture I took in 2009. It is also a picture of me after I came home from a Temple party posing with a sign that says my name (My friend Megan made it for me). You can tell from my eyes exactly what state I'm in. 'Nuff said.

2) This picture is symbolic of the silliness of the year. It shows the mad decorating skills of my old roommate as well as a walrus mask that my penpal Benhio made me.

3) I was an actress in a friend's film and had my eyes gouged out.

4) Last day of freshman year at Temple. My room was all packed and my walls all bare. David came down for an impromptu photoshoot and a Pot Psychology marathon.

5) Dyed my hair blue over the summer with two of my besties (Tessa & Caroline). It was such a fun bonding experience and it was totally on a whim. I have since redyed my hair not to include blue and blonde, but I'm missing the blonde a little bit. Maybe for summer 2010....

6) This photo is dedicated to Annie, my roommate, who has it hanging on her wall. She has an entire wall dedicated to unfortunate photographs of friends. This one occurred when I woke up from a nap, put my headphones on from underneath my hair, and started chewing gum. Pure gold. I autographed it to say, "Dear Annie, always follow your heart! Love, Keiran."

7) I love room 203-E. This night was especially fun. We put on face masks and took a bunch of pictures. The premise for this photo was "try to look as awkward as possible." I think we succeeded.

8) Lady GaGa + getting out of class early=dress up parties

9) BYE BYE 2009! You have been kind to me in so many ways!

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