Friday, December 25, 2009


In my family, we call Christmas KISSMASS!

Christmas eve was fantabulous. Spent the day sewing on my new sewing machine and we gave the cats catnip. Our standing tradition is dinner and present exchange with our family friends the Kassels, (they are practically related to us and I predict that Quinn and Courtney will marry one day) so later that night we went to their house. We played an epic game of CELEBRITY where Morgan and I won.
Courtney and Dude

I was the chin master

New sewing machine!

Dude tried to help me sew!

Vintage patterns from my 100 year old great grandmother

CHRISTMAS MORNING! Fabulousssss! Wake up to the sound of Quinn's stocking crashing to the ground (too heavy) then after some eggs and a up of coffee we opened our presents! I got mad loot! No clothes, which is cool cause now I can make my own, but I did get: cozy socks, silver and cranberry tights, chocolates, Trident layers, DVDs (Away We Go, Inglorious Basterds, Harry Potter 6, Across the Universe) and books (Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris, Inglorious Basterds the screenplay, College Cooking, The Crochet Bible), ipod speakers, cashmere yarn/knitting stuff, iTunes/H&M/Barnes and Noble gift cards, and Photoshop! (I've been wanting Photoshop for years.)

Now Quinn and I are watching Hey Arnold!, which he got on DVD. CHRISTMAS I LOVE YOU!



James said...

that dress is BEAUTIFUL! sometimes i wish i could wear dresses... actually, not really. But its still really pretty. SEW ME SOMETHINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

James said...

my epilepsy test was weeess. HAHAHAHA

jumpseat monalisa said...

also: yes to cashmere yarn! yes to away we go! yes yes yes to everything!

Christine Fisher said...

that dress is gorgeous! i'm so impressed. glad you had such a good christmas! so far i mean. have fun in woodstock! and i can't wait to watch all of those movies

Jen (and Audrey, too!) said...

YAYYYY FOR SEWING MACHINES! That's awesome. Mannnn, I guess Santa really likes you or something.

Oh, and speaking of Trident layers, how creepy is the mailman guy in the commercial who peeks in the window and goes "I LOVE Trident layers"? It freaks me out every time.