Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"I could have fun with you guys in the Gobi Desert." -Maya Michelle Spitalnik

This quote was first uttered in Madrid this summer when there was absolutely nothing to do at night, but because we were BFFs and we were together we had one of the greatest times of our lives. We realized that we could be in any situation in any place and we would still have a great time.

Last night was one such places. It was actually fabulous. Met up with Caroline, Tessa, and Maya on the L train and headed to BROOKLYN! We dropped off our bags at Caroline's Pratt dorm and put on some music, only to be greeted by The Black Eyed Peas' "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night" (PS this is hilarious, just look at their faces when they sing) while the iPod was on SHUFFLE! Out of the 10000 songs that could have played, this one did and it was therefore a very good sign.

We then went to this guy Rob's party. Rob is from Long Island and we knew most of his Long Island friends were going to be there... needless to say, we were ready for the worst. But it was actually fabulous! Highlights include:
1) pinecones '09=Rob had an assortment of cinnamon scented pinecones which we stole
2) visiting the parthenon=this crazy residential(?) building that seemed so out of place in Brooklyn because it was Greek style architecture. Apparently after leaving the party I ran in the middle of the street screaming PARTHENON PARTHENON PARTHENON over and over again.
3) dancing on cabs=reliving the glory days of FAME and highschool, found a parked cab and subsequently climbed all over it while singing Irene Cara
4) climbing fences=self explanatory

5) fist-pumping...=so many fist pumping bros with popped collars! But whenever they fist pumped we fist pumped and it was great.
6) jello shots=a never ending array of xmas colored jello shots
7) sick Sunghy=our dear friend Sung Hyun/Stefano claimed to be going to this party but at the last minute said he was feeling very ill. We were HEARTBROKEN and really thought he wasn't coming but later in the evening he showed up! SURPRISE! He was trying to get back at us because last time I visited Brooklyn and he hosted a party we didn't tell him I was coming and he was very excited and surprised. He was also the ONLY non-caucasian person at the party.

8) girl-chatting=basically chatting up all of the ridiculous LAWG AYELAND girls you could and then jumping into their pictures at the last minute. I became really good friends with one girl, or should I say she became really obsessed with me. I can't even remember her name but every time I walked into the same room as her she would go "OH MAH GAWD THAT'S MY GIRL KEEIRRANNN!!!" <3
9) spooning=spent the rest of the evening eating wheat thins and spooning while playing the soulmate game, reminiscing about highschool/middle school, and laughing hysterically. The evening ended at 5am with us breaking out into an impromptu sing along of Pocahontas' "Colors of the Wind" and when we finished we immediately all fell asleep. It was the perfect end to the perfect evening.


Mercedes Z said...

Michel. Maya Michel Spitalnik.
p.s. I'm really sad I missed this, I didn't even hear about it : (.

Keiran McCann said...

Yeah! When I originally wrote this I typed Michel but then I second guessed myself. I should know by now to never second guess myself. Caroline wrote about the party in the thread a few weeks ago but she forgot I had told her I wanted to go. She was a little unorganized about all of it. Would you have been able to go?