Friday, December 18, 2009


What should have been a 2 hour bus ride, ended up being a 4 hour commute home. But it was so worth it. For the first time in a while, I really feel at home when I'm home. It's probably because I know I'm going to be here for a few weeks and it could also be the christmas spirit in the air, but I am very happy to be back. The second I walked in the door I was greeted by a 8 foot tree and an eager step-mom. We talked about everything for a good 2 hours (gURL time!) and then ordered delicious NYC sushi for dinner. I volunteered to pick it up instead of having it delivered because I wanted to walk around my neighborhood a little bit more. Gahhh I MISSED IT! Quinn isn't here yet because he's in Chicago with my mom attending my cousin's bat-mitzvah. But once he gets here it will be a PARTY!
The next day was 'friends unite day'. Mercedes, Caroline, Maya and I went to Francesco's Pizza to eat the most delcious pizza in the whole world. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Then we went on a trip to Magnolia bakery for cupcakes and free samples and to catch up a little bit more. (I cannot wait until our girly sleepover). Then we frolicked in the snow for a good 20 minutes, throwing snowballs at each other, lying in the middle of the street, having icicle fights, and posing for pictures. GLORIOUS EVENING!

Today we went sledding in Central Park! It was fabulous. We had 3 different sleds with 3 different names. Mine was the "college sled" because it was a cardboard beer box. Caroline's was the "ghetto sled" because it was a lid to a plastic storage container. Maya's was the "real sled/BLADERUNNER". After sledding we went to Caroline's house and ate diner food, watched xmas movies, and baked cookies. Then I met up with my BFF Layla, whom I never get to see ever since every break I go back to NYC she goes to Colorado to visit her mom! We got chocolate milkshakes (it was a fat day) and talked about everything ever and did xmas shopping and I fell down HARD on broadway. Ugh, I really hurt myself. For a few seconds I couldn't breath and I really thought I broke my left arm. A nice man had to help me up and I was SUPER embarassed but then I realized it was all okay except now the entire left side of my body hurts. I have neck whiplash and a bruised buttocks and the equivalent of a sprained ankle in my arm (sprained arm I guess?). I'm currently icing it.

Overall, a VERY successful wintry weekend return to NYC!

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Mercedes Z said...

How did this retroactively post as friday? so odd.
but yes- huzzah for snow!