Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 things I have learned about London so far

10 things I have learned about London so far:
1. Brits don't hate Americans.  They actually rather love them as long as they are friendly and outgoing.

2. Guns are illegal here, so I don't have to worry about being shot.  Ever.

3.  Rape is prevalent here, so I have to worry about being raped.  All the time.

4.  When going out, girls tend to dress up like Temple Freshman attending Frat parties i.e. 5 inch heels and bootylicious dresses.  This means I usually look like a casual midget in bars.

5.  People in London are REALLY tall.  The girls are tall because of the aforementioned 5 inch heels and the guys are tall because they are actually half giant.  They probably hang out with Hagrid a lot.

6.  Electricity here pretty much sucks and fuses get blown all the frickin' time for apparently no reason.

7.  House parties do not exist here.

8.  Due to a recent law that is trying to crack down on binge drinking, bouncers must check the IDs of anyone entering the bar who may look 25 or under and the bartenders are supposed to check IDs too even if you are already in the bar.  This results in having your ID checked about 3-4 times per night.

9.  They sell liquor in cans here (gin & tonic, whiskey & coke etc.)

10.  The tube is wiggety wack and confusing.  Lines split into 2 and you have to go and change back and some other stuff.  Pretty intimidating.  But other than that, their public transportation system is beautiful, punctual, clean etc. and SEPTA really needs to learn to be more like the tube.

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Liz said...

No no no... the tube is the best. If you have a map of the tube it is quite literally the easiest thing to use ever. I judge all other subways against the tube because it is simply the best and I miss it so much. When my friend Bekah and I were in LDN for a week in 2008 we were quite aquainted with the tube and it was fantastic.

Electricity DOES suck there.

Ahahahaha yes the going out outfits are vair tarty. Not that I went out ever, but I saw them one Friday night at Picadilly square at midnight. And was in a car with a guy giving commentary to the outfits... quite funny...