Saturday, September 4, 2010

LONDON: Day's 2 & 3

Day 2:
During the day we had orientations for our academics and internships.  Around 4pm though we went with a bunch of the guys to a pub called The Goat's Head and split a pitcher of Pimms.  I actually became a bit "pissed" as they say.  Not really drunk, but rathhherrrr tipsy.  We also took a lot of naps.  2nd night there, first night out.  IT WAS PRETTY GREAT! We went to SoHo which is the hip area of london? (More like tourist central.  Picture Times Scquare with a bunch of British people drinking on the street)  We walked around for a bit trying to find other people from Temple but we decided to just do our own thing and went into this pub called Waxy which was what I imagine every house in the lord of the rings is like. There was a tree growing in the middle of it and they only played fabulous 90s music which we sang very loudly to all night (Bon Jovi, Journey, BSB etc.)

We met and hung out with a few British/Irish people who were super nice!  Glenn, Warren, Luke, Sam, Mary Anne etc. They reccomended we go to Fabric and Tiger Tiger (super expensive cover charge$$ though.  Not into that.)  And we spent most of the night discussing the differences between American and British culture.  People were fascinated by how large our food portions are and about how American culture is very FOR binge drinking. It was a very interesting experience. Pubs close around 11pm-12am here so we hung out there until we were kicked out and then we wandered the streets looking for a club to go to, but everything was really expensive and touristy and the Irish/British friends we made were being a little creepy so we left.

Um, let me just say.  That night, I HAD NEVER HAD TO PEE SO BADLY IN MY LIFE! I can honestly say I have never had to pee as much in my life as I did tonight.  But nothing NOTHING nothing was open and I almost peed on the streets a few times but I would pull down my pants in some shadows and then I would see some security guard guy in the distance or a car coming around the corner and i would chicken out. so we took the bus home while I quietly cried in pain and then we finally got back and I peed and it was amazing.

DAY 3:
Today we woke up early to go on a walking tour of our neighborhood.  It was really cute and our tour guide was pretty awesome.  Totally rocked the color blue, blue dress/sweater/shoes etc.  Pimpin' it up.  I wasn't feeling well so after I ate my tuna sandwich with cucumbers and lemon vinaigrette (YUM), I took a 4 hour nap.  This caused me to skip the bus tour but I definitely needed the nap.  Afterwards I felt so much better. 

Night 3 was pretty low key. We haven't done a whole bunch of bonding with the people from our program.  Just with the people we already knew before we came here. So tonight the girls and I plus Fornwald and his socially retarded/serial killer from the future roommate Patrick went to Camden, which is the punky area of London.  We bought hamburgers for dinner and then we walked around and went to this bar called Lock Tavern which was definitely hipster central and was pretty fun. Not AS FUN as last night because last night we were a little bit more drunk and we went to a more toursity pub where people were more talkative. We did strike up a conversation with this really nice lady named Ruthie who thought we were 25.  She was a political photo-journalist and she travels all over the world and was very interesting. 

We left early enough to catch the tube home but we got on the wrong one and were lost for a little while but now we're back! Tomorrow we're waking up at a resonable hour to go this thing called Speaker's Corner in Hyde park. It's where "british citizens exorcise their democratic rights." Basically people talking on soapboxes about politics and religion. Tessa says it's more along the lines of "a bunch of psychos ranting incoherently."  We also plan on going to Topshop and Primark and other shopping locales.  EXCITING! 

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