Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LONDON: Days 18-21

Sunday was London's annual Curry Festival at Brick Lane.  I really do love that neighborhood.  It's filled with vintage shops, indian restaurants, and cheap baegels.  We walked around there for a few hours, freaking out about how delicious the foods smelled, how interesting the people were, and how lovely the stall merchandise was.  I bought a giant fluffy pork dumpling, spiced Moroccan vegetables with cous cous, and a Guarana (a popular Brazilian soda that I became addicted to during my summer in Sao Paolo circa 2001).  SO DELICIOUS!!!

Monday I was sick.  Just a little 24 hour cold. But regardless, I spent the entire day drinking orange juice, stuffing my face with food, and watching Skins.  This show is basically Britain's answer to Degrassi.  Full of drama and ridiculousness.  I watched seasons 1 & 2 during winter break, after my cousin Emma introduced it to me.  Seasons 1 & 2 are brilliant.  The cast was fabulous and the characters were tragic and beautiful.  Season 3 is nothing compared to the amazingness of it's predecessors.  You can watch all 4 seasons on youtube for free and I recommend everyone do so.
Tuesday I felt better.  So after doing my homework and skyping with Adam, I dolled myself up and went for a walk.  The weather was SOOOO sunny and lovely.  I walked down High Street Kensington and browsed the shops.  There was a sale at Claire's so I bought a bejeweled headband for £3.  I also splurged a little bit on a new pair of headphones.  The thing with this purchase though, is that it was a necessity.  In the last year, my 2 best pair of headphones have broken.  I also have little baby mouse ears, which don't fit the stadard sized headphones that Apple practically gives away like candy.  I had been borrowing Christine's headphones, but they really just hurt too much to always have to use.  And so, this purchase was a necessity.  Unfortunately, I could only find one place on my whole 2 hour long walk that sold headphones: Urban Outfitters.  And that meant that my headphones were expensive.  Stylish! but, expensive.
(Behold, the purchases of the day!)

Now I am sitting in the common room, eating my microwavable Indian food (cauliflower, fennel, potatoes, tomatoes, in a spicy saag sauce) and browsing the internet.  Good day.

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