Monday, September 27, 2010

LONDON: Days 21-24

CLASS DAY!  2 classes each for a total of 6 hours of class.  They aren't difficult classes but they have yet to really draw me in yet or get me excited.  For my creativity and innovation class we went to Brick Lane for a field trip.  Part of our tuition went to an organized meal at a Pakistani restaurant.  We ate delicious things like curry, naan, samosas, chicken tandoori, cucumber salads, mago lassis etc.  The spicyness helped to clear up my sinuses but after we got back to the flat and took a nap I felt SO MUCH WORSE.  I had to endure my British Cinema class with a case of the sniffles.  I was that girl who jept obnoxiously coughing and blowing her nose while the professor gave his lecture.  OOPS.  But overall, a good day.

This week has mostly been spent being sick and doing absolutely nothing except watch re-runs on Law & Order: SVU on my laptop.  Caitlin helped me feel better by buying me medicine, AKA coca cola flavored gummie candy.  So when I started to feel a little bit better and I heard that one of the guys in our program could get everyone's name on the guest list to a fancy club, I jumped at the chance to go!  The great part about it was that it was a bonding experience for me because EVERYONE went!  So I was able to hang out with people I don't normally hang out with.  The club was called Cafe de Paris and when we arrived (in a huge, obnoxious American group) we went in the special VIP line and didn't have to pay any fees to get in!  Our names were on a list!  So fancy...

The club itself was VERY touristy, which was to be expected since it is in Picadilly Circus (the equivalent of NYC's Times Square).  It was big and plush and resembled an old cinema/circus.  Really nice.  And since I wasn't drinking I spent a total of £0 for the whole night!  SCORE.  I just danced and talked with the flat mates.  There was a live cover band that played songs from Queen, Journey, Green Day etc.  I actually completely lost my voice from screaming along to the music/screaming at the band to "PLAY BON JOVI!" (which they never did.)  It was SO much fun.

When we got back from the club, a bunch of us changed into pajamas and sat around in the kitchen drinking tea, eating toast, and laughing about the night.  It really was a good time.  I'm glad I got to hang out more with the girls on my floor, the 4th floor girls (Danielle, Allison, Michelle, and Ashley-they all love Harry Potter just as much as I do) and the Cellar Dwellars (Justin, Fornwald, and Zack-who all wore suits to the club).

Now I am re-cuperating by drinking lots of tea with lemon and talking to friends from home online.  P.S. HAPPY BELATED 20th BIRTHDAY TESSA LAW!


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