Monday, September 6, 2010

London: DAY 5

After a lovely night playing Hinkle Finny Duster in the basement, the girls and I woke up early (no easy feat after a sleepless night caused from too much strong English tea) to go to Primark for some shopping.  I bought a sparkly black umbrella (which became useful today when it rained), a peacock feather hair barrette, seam-up-the-back black tights, and a gray satchel...all for under £15!!!

Then I went with Justin and Fornwald to Camden town to explore it in the day light.  SO MANY WONDERFUL shops!  And market places galore with ethnic foods for cheap prices and other fascinating odds and ends.  We came back to South Kensington by bus, which took about 45 minutes, due to the tube strike.  It is predicted the strike will last until wednesday.  I really hope everything gets resolved by then because my internship starts on thursday and I really want it to be an easy commute.

Tonight we're going out with some of the girls from our program to a local pub called The Prince of Wales.  Should be fun.

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