Tuesday, September 7, 2010


All I ate today was tea and pastries. Seriously unhealthy, but probably pretty thrifty? But I'm not even hungry after that meal and it was hours ago!  We went to afternoon tea in a really cute business-y area of London. The place was called Bea's of Bloomsbury and they were AWESOME. They totally served us a billion cupcakes, raspberry marshmallows, scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam, brownies, blondies, and meringues for only £9. We (Caitlin and 2 other girls from the program) also each ordered little personal pots of tea (I got the vanilla black tea).  SO FRICKIN' GOOD.  Then we went to a house museum which was built by Sir John Soane (the first Tuesday of every month, admittance is free).  He was this famous 19th century architect who was basically a hoarder of all things Italian and artsy.  He has one huge Egyptian sarcophagus and the museum goes underground and is 3 houses wide and is lit only by candlelight to keep the authenticity of the place.  Apparently this dude was a pretty well known architect and professor who had mad beef with his sons.  So before he died he drafted a will that gave his property and all of his positions to the city of London.  And according to one of the docents there, he began his collection during a time of great social poverty and allowed his students to tour his home museum just for inspiration!  It was really cool and the architecture was just amazing.

After our big day out, Caitlin and I bought some wine to relax.  It's especially a "I need to relax" kind of night because I have my first day of classes tomorrow and there is currently a tube strike.  This tube strike caused quite a few tiring travel woes today.  But don't worry, we sorted it all out.  Apparently, by law, tube strikes can only last 24 hours so it should end by 9pm tonight. 

Also, on Thursday it's the first day of my internship and I have to take 2 different tube lines to get there.  I'm still getting used to the public transportation here.  For the most part it's incredibly reliable and easy to follow, but because London isn't on a grid system, it CAN get pretty confusing.  


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